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Environmental protection 3D printing pen: "eat" plastic bottles, "spit" beautifulthings — technology — people.com.cn original title: environmental 3D printing pen: "eat" plastic bottles, "spit" of beautifulthings 3D printing pen cutter and plastic bottles and other consumables Renegate 3D printing pen photograph: KickStarter – all we can’t worry about you should be seen "baseless" depicts a 3D printing pen three-dimensional works, they are many exquisite flexible design lovers heart treasure. However, a small volume of printing supplies, not only tens of millions of dollars, there may be environmental problems, so some people have some concerns. Now, in the United States to raise public platform Kickstarter, one from London who released a turning waste into 3D printing pen — Renegade. It is, by common plastic bottles, plastic folder, plastic bags will be nothing difficult to print. Pick up the pen and start "unbridled" to create it! The unique green print pen is not the smallest, lightest or cheapest 3D pen, but Renegade is probably the most environmentally friendly and it can save you a lot of money. Renegade was born very pure: "because I think 3D printing pen own too costly." Inventor Daniel, said a package of 3D printing plastic wire often requires 10 to 15 U.S. dollars, commonly used words is not a small burden. "Why throw away plastic bottles and plastic bags to pollute our environment? Isn’t it a good idea to take advantage of them?" Edwards spent a year and a half to develop a Renegade. It has a powerful extruder, screw feeding device and the heating system of melted plastic, which can be transmitted, crushed and melted in the pen. The user can freely adjust the heating temperature in the range of 50 to 320 degrees Celsius, and can conveniently control the printing speed. In addition, the Renegade version of the PRO is also embedded with a small LCD screen, used to display the temperature of the pen, the use of materials and printing speed. Of course, the old plastic bottles can not be directly inserted into the pen. Edwards also designed a ChupaCut manual plastic cutter "a round shape looks like hammer". Cut off the plastic bottle, a plastic bottle stuck in the curve groove round cutter, cut out to catch the plastic lead gently, in the round in the hidden blade can effectively and safely complete cutting, can be cut into 3, 6, 9 or 12 mm width smooth plastic strip as supplies. Only two capacity of 1.5 PET plastic bottles or plastic bags can provide the equivalent of 25 3D printing standard wire material. Renegade print out the same color and waste plastic color, and at any time to find the right color material is not easy. In fact, Renegade can also use the ready-made 3D printing supplies. Can also buy Renegade supplies on the Internet, there are 10 (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple, brown,)相关的主题文章: