6 year old boy fell into the well over the past 80 hours no trace of rescue workers began digging happynewyear

6 year old boy falling well over 80 hours without any trace of human rescuers began mining rescue personnel vertical mining has been close to the bottom, after the start of human mining due to the underground hypoxia, rescue workers sent down oxygen cylinders on November 6th morning at about 11, Hebei Baoding Lixian County Bangladesh Changcun a 6 year old boy accidentally dropped 40 meters dry. As of the evening of 9, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter at press time, the rescue work is still tense in the middle of 10. The incident had passed away for more than and 80 hours, all kinds of rescue scene into a total of 165 vehicles, a rescue team rushed to the scene to participate in the rescue, but the 6 year old boy that everyone waiting still does not see the trace. At present, rescue workers have been close to the bottom, with human ground mining, until you find the boy fall well. 3 people in the narrow working space in late November 9th at 9:40, many volunteers wrapped in a coat, was still shivering. In the distance, the roar of the machine. With the "bang bang" sound of the machine, there are a few light shining searchlights, there is the rescue center area. Different from the two days before the child just fall well, here has now been dug into a huge work surface. Underground, 3 rescue workers are within a radius of less than 1 meters in a tight space to work. At 5 in the afternoon, the scene had entered the ambulance, more than medical staff waiting at the rescue site, arranged for the rescue of the child was rescued after the work of the 3. At that time, the scene everyone felt, perhaps the next moment, you can find the child. But as time goes on, the digging process is getting slower and slower. Rescue more and more slowly at 6:20 in the evening of 9, local officials held a media briefing said that the rescue work has deep sand, there are 3 rescue workers in the radius of less than 1 meters of the wellhead work. Since the rescue process had been two ground cracks, in order to ensure the safety of construction personnel, the scene has slowed down the excavation speed. According to the person in charge of the rescue, the current equipment and operations have been in place, the rescue work is still in progress smoothly. But the person in charge also pointed out that there are many difficulties in the construction. It is understood that the local soil is very complex, the rescue team on the afternoon of 9 had been dug into the layer, but also because of sand and sand layer below, also contain adhesive composition, is expected to dig down each point will be more difficult. At the same time, there are two cracks in the construction process, in order to ensure the safety of construction, we must first remove the hidden danger can continue to rescue. With the deepening of the rescue, the upward transport of the earth below the excavation has become more slowly. In addition, because of the depth of the relationship, on the afternoon of 9 rescue mining has been replaced by manual operation, by the 3 construction workers in the narrow space within a radius of 1 meters. Person in charge said that after the use of artificial excavation, the construction staff had a lack of oxygen, the rescue party has been transferred to the construction equipment for oxygen supply. All these factors affect the speed of rescue. After the change of plan striking one snag after another BYD reporter learned that fall well after the incident, the boy’s father and grandfather’s first time launched a self-help. But taking into account only one excavator slow progress, his father Zhao Xiangyang commissioned his friends in the circle of friends issued a help message. Meng Changcun soon in a 6 year old male.相关的主题文章: