7 DEG c! Wuhan meets the coldest morning in the second half of the year, and the highest temperature-工号9527为您服务�����

7 c! Wuhan welcome to the second half of the cold in the early morning of the next 3 days the high temperature of 23 newspaper news (reporter Fu Ying) yesterday, although Wuhan ushered in returning to the sun, but the lowest temperature in the early morning, but once again set a limit: only 7 degrees. Outside of Wuhan, the province of Xiaogan, Hanchuan and other places, also a new record cold yesterday since the second half of this year. After After rain the sky looks blue. colder sooner or later, why? Hubei Provincial Meteorological Bureau experts explained that after After rain the sky looks blue. clouds in the sky, thinner and less. On the one hand, the ground receiving radiation increased, rising temperatures, the highest temperature increase; but on the other hand, at night, lost cloud cover insulation, radiation cooling significantly, ground heat loss is also faster, more cold night, the lowest temperatures tend to decrease. The three day, Wuhan mostly, the days come back an invigorating autumn climate. With the company of the sun, the temperature will be 1 per day to -2 DEG C speed steady climb, the day after tomorrow afternoon will return to the highest temperature above 20 degrees, but the temperature of not less than 10 degrees, the minimum temperature next time sooner or later is still hovering at 8 DEG -9 DEG, and people have to wear more appropriate. In addition, morning exercise habits, can be appropriately delayed out to exercise, so as not to catch a cold. Old people may wish to exercise combined with sunshine, the sun rose significantly after feel warmth, then go out exercise. Wuhan is expected to sunny cloudy day today, temperature of 8 DEG -18 DEG 45%-95%, humidity, northerly winds 2 to 3. Tonight to tomorrow sunny to cloudy, the temperature of 9 DEG -20 DEG, easterly 2 to 3. Tomorrow the day after tomorrow sunny to cloudy, the temperature of 11 DEG -23 DEG, easterly 2 to 3.

7℃!武汉迎下半年来最冷清晨 未来3天最高温23℃   本报讯(记者符樱)昨天,武汉虽然迎来了久违的阳光,但清晨时分的最低气温,却再一次刷新了“下限”:仅有7℃。武汉之外,省内的孝感、汉川等地,昨晨也冷出了今年下半年以来的新纪录。   雨过天晴后,为什么早晚时分更冷了?湖北省气象局专家解释说,雨过天晴之后,天空中云层变薄变少。一方面,白天地面接收辐射增加,气温上升,最高气温升高;但另一方面,到了夜晚,失去云层的覆盖保温,辐射降温明显,地面热量散失也更快,夜晚变得更寒冷,最低气温往往有所降低。   今起三天,武汉以晴为主,秋高气爽的日子又回来了。有了阳光的陪伴,气温将以每天1℃-2℃的速度稳步爬升,明后天午后最高气温将重回20℃以上,不过日温差不低于10℃,今明早晚时分的最低气温仍徘徊在8℃-9℃,早出晚归的人要适当多穿点。另外,有晨练习惯的人,可以适当晚点出门锻炼,以免受凉感冒。老人们不妨将晨练与晒太阳结合起来,等太阳升起后觉得有明显暖意时,再外出晨练。   预计武汉今天白天多云到晴天,气温8℃-18℃,湿度45%-95%,偏北风2到3级。今晚到明天白天晴天到多云,气温9℃-20℃,偏东风2到3级。明晚到后天白天晴天到多云,气温11℃-23℃,偏东风2到3级。相关的主题文章: