7 Ways To Use Twitter-noreply

UnCategorized If you have asked your friends and family if they are on Twitter, they may or may not know what you are talking about. While everyone and their mother seems to know about MySpace and Facebook, many people seem to finally be learning what is Twitter. The thing is though, Twitter, while some .pare it to the other social network sites, is more geared towards professional adults then anything else. While some young people may sign up for an account, they generally do not last long on there. This is probably because you cannot post pretty graphics, write blogs that are ten pages long, and stalk the lives of other people through the millions of pictures they are posting of themselves. With all of that taken into consideration, Twitter is the place to be for the working adult that is professional and looking to expand their business through connection and customer relations. There are in fact seven popular ways people use Twitter #1 Expand Your Circle Of Friends With the help of Twitter you can follow people who are of like mind. Those who are in the same field as you or who have the same interests are often the people that you will find yourself following. These people will generally follow your Twitter account as well since you all have so much in .mon. The people you follow through Twitter may never .e to be anything more then an Internet friendship, but that does not mean that it is not a friendship that has its place and its value in your life. #2 Learn About Those You Admire Whether you are following an actor, a singer, or your favorite businessperson, you are able to follow their account. Their .ments may give you an insight into who they really are and how they run business. A lot can be learned through watching people that you admire. You may also learn a few tips and tricks from them without even realizing it. By making some sort of connection with the people you admire you are able to see what it is that you want to be. #3 Keep Your Family Informed If your mother wants to know every time your new baby does something cute or special, you may find that you are tired of placing twenty phone calls a day. But, you want to make sure that your relatives are not missing out on the important or special things that are taking place throughout your day or week. By placing easy to type messages or .ments on Twitter, your family can see everything that is happening and feel as though they are really being kept in the loop. #4 Be.e Famous In Your Own Right Many people find that they need a fast, efficient, and cheap way to advertise themselves. Maybe you are staring in a new local play or an article you wrote just became published in a magazine. By placing a simple and sweet .ment on your Twitter page, those following you will know about your recent ac.plishments and will want to check them out. #5 Learn How To Open Up Those that find they have a hard time opening up to people, even with the simplest thing, find that Twitter helps them over.e those obstacles. By placing a .ment or two a day you can open up to those following you and see the wonderful responses that .e from such an act. #6 Teach Others About Your Work Or Faith When you reach out to others, there is something wonderful being felt by those who have been taught and those doing the teaching. Many people find that they can touch the lives of many by simply posting a .ment or two each day about something inspirational. You have the ability to make someone laugh with your wit or make someone think deep with the use of your wisdom. #7 Generate Traffic And Make Money Even though you are not selling anything directly from the Twitter site, you can make use of it as a way to bring in more people. You can generate more traffic to a site of yours, gain more associates, and most importantly make more money. Use it as much or as little as you would like. You will see that with enough dedication you will be able to earn a good bit of money by using the tools available to you, such as Twitter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: