911 Anniversary 47% of respondents believe that the United States is now more secure than the 15 agogoktv

"911" 15 anniversary: 47% of respondents believe that the United States are now more insecure in new network on 11 September, (He Luman) who do not know, 15 years ago today, the wheel of history in advance when suddenly change direction, "New York World Trade Center collapsed Petronas Twin Towers", so that people who are familiar with the streets become unrecognizable. 2001 in the year of September 9th has brought great shock and trauma to the people, but also touched the spirit of the times". Over the past 15 years, 9· 11; bring chain reaction continues fermentation: American society has entered a "in the name of security limit free" era; the extremist organization Islamic state following the footsteps of Laden, to become the world’s largest terrorist threat; secret surveillance program has brought shock wave exposure inappeasable time; failed to heal the scars of the hearts of the people…… Standing on the road look now, things are no longer as simple as people think. [lost] "page 28" New York World Trade Center site Memorial Plaza held a grand Memorial, silence and memorial in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the victims. 2 months ago, the United States House of Representatives intelligence committee in the long term under the multi pressure, released a 14 years earlier, the 28 page "confidential investigation documents". This document involves 15 years ago, 9·, the importance of the event,, former president of the United States, said, "this document will make it difficult for us to win the war against terrorism," said Bush". The "28 page" came from 9·, which was officially released to the public in 2004, and the report of the 11 attack, which has been kept in a basement on Capitol Hill, has not been released with a report of the thickness of up to 838 pages. According to the insiders speculated, the contents of the file are likely to show, then 9· when the 11 terrorist attacks, some of the hijackers or with certain and the Saudi government is a person or organization "has been in contact, and lists of suspected contact information. In this regard, the Saudi authorities also urged to publish as soon as possible, but also the Saudi innocence. "Such a secretive, but people feel really seems to support the 9· 11 attackers". Two days before the anniversary of the arrival of 9·,, the house of Representatives passed a bill that would allow the victims and their relatives to sue the Saudi government. However, according to the published declassified documents, the report did not specify any Saudi officials to support the evidence of Al Qaeda terrorists, but involves some unconfirmed clues. This interpretation does not talk ambiguously satisfactory, I believe there are more deep buried in secret. [secret] Snowden. One day in June 2013, the British "Guardian" and the "Washington Post" received the CIA (CIA) two copies of the information provided by former employees of Snowden, and published "9· 11" derived from the terrible secret, which exposed in the global public. This is the United States National Security Agency code named " prism " large-scale monitoring相关的主题文章: