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A Japanese car called small money, but this non Japanese car – car Sohu now recommended Japanese cars, there are many netizens squalling, what small money, small small is a traitor, traitor and so on, despite the patriotism, the Japanese car is in hand to have their own unique advantages, such as TOYOTA Prado, TOYOTA corolla, Honda accord, Honda CRV and so on are legendary in terms of reliability. Today brings you the highest failure rate of five models in 2016, to see who is who. NO.1 Peugeot 408 complaints: 839 failures: 1, low speed engine flameout; Peugeot 2, 408 air conditioning problems in space dynamic shape belong to the leading level, but the engine speed stalling and air conditioning refrigeration poor effect of repeated complaints! Skoda NO.2 Octavia complaints: 644 failures: 1, gearbox, engine antifreeze 2 abortive; leakage; 3, car dashboard fault Skoda Octavia is the Volkswagen Group under the Skoda brand models, inherited the excellent quality of the mass models, of course, also inherited some disadvantages, since the transmission at low speed and start the severe wobble when there is abnormal sound, reverse gear, let Octavia second complaints for fear. NO.3 452: Geely imperial complaints fault: 1, navigation problem; 2, engineabnormalsound; 3, gearbox noise is a series of Geely Geely imperial veteran models, in recent years the rapid development of Geely, become independent brand leader, but cannot upgrade card screen, navigation, crashes and other problems, gearbox gear cadence, noise, such problems need to be improved or engine jitter. NO.4 Buick Excelle complaints: 316 failures: 1, gearbox noise; 2, the engine oil leak; 3, dashboard cracking Buick Excelle can be said is a discontinued products, in vehicle technology and the reliability of the previous generation products strength, so long small problems can be understood, but we still don’t to avoid problems, adhere to the list. NO.5 Changan Yue Xiang V7 complaints: 271 failures: 1, eat tire deviation; 2, to shake Changan Yue Xiang V7 Changan is the car in the old models, the current Changan and Geely encountered a situation like that, when the rapid development should also pay attention to the reliability of the product, after all, the most important independent brand reputation. What SUV buy the most reliable? Which off-road vehicle performance is the most powerful? WeChat side search yueyesuv or search SUV and off-road vehicle consultant, 20 years of off-road vehicle experts answer the question for 24 hours, you buy the most value of the most appropriate SUV.相关的主题文章: