A park road power wells accident caused three deaths and one injury – Sohu news-kasey chase

A park road power wells accident caused three deaths and one injury – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Zhao Kaidi) yesterday afternoon, the accident occurred near the park road at a power wells. 4 workers accidentally fell into the pit when the maintenance work, killing 3 people were killed and 1 injured. According to nearby residents identified, falling accident occurred in the northeast side of wells Park Road and park, two road intersection. In September 24th 9 pm, reporters came to the scene, there are two wells covers above are labeled "Beijing electric power". There is a well not closed completely, near the left behind a messy rope, a black shoes and a top with a "national grid" cap. "Saw three bodies in the yesterday, covered with a white cloth". Staff near the gas station, said the accident occurred at noon yesterday, including three workers died on the spot. There is news that the accident or due to power are caused by methane wells, but as of now, the safety supervision department is still in the cause of the accident investigation. It is understood that the accident in three of the dead were from Hebei Anxin County, the oldest 44 years old, the youngest 27 years old. Today morning, the Beijing Electric Power Corporation issued statement said: in September 23, 2016 14, Fengtai District received emergency office information, personal accident occurred to inform the Expo Garden of Fengtai District South Road underground wells workers in the construction process. After the scene, the tube wells for Beijing ferry industry Cci Capital Ltd of new wells, is currently in the construction phase, property and equipment of non – electric company. The construction site of the project for the Xin Sheng Xiang Electrical Equipment Installation Engineering Co., ltd.. According to a preliminary understanding, the construction personnel did not fulfill any relevant work procedures, unauthorized access to work well, causing casualty accidents. Currently, the construction unit is working with the relevant departments to investigate.相关的主题文章: