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A source of information on the acquisition of two knife weight backdoor "Lin rice find rice" cash flows to thousands of thousands of hot columns on a diagnosis of the latest rating simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my original title: source of information acquisition of two thin knife no backdoor "temporary meal for rice" cash China Economic Net editor’s note: before the reorganization plan source of information release of the gem company, intends to buy 100% stake in Wuhan Powertek through public offering of shares and the payment of cash. Some analysts pointed out that the reorganization is easy to trigger the reorganization of the listed company shall not, while the gem listing is a reorganization of "iron law". But the source of information during the suspension by the subject company Wuhan Powertek cited China Life assault shares, the shareholding ratio of the target company greatly diluted the actual control of the Zhao Jiasheng family. At the same time, a source of information on the actual control of Mark Zhao’s mother Gao Huiyi will invest 120 million yuan in supporting financing. Through the "two pronged" to secure the Zhao Mark actual control of the same position, to avoid the gem backdoor box. It is worth noting that the reorganization of cash related financing qualifications in doubt, "the rice for rice" suspected. Plans show that the source of information intended to 11.03 yuan shares to Gao Huiyi, the sea Houtai contract based private equity fund, land, people and the Yantai core investment center (limited partnership), Nanjing Feng Investment Center (limited partnership), Jiu Tai (Jiu Tai, Jiu Tai, Fu Rui plan Rui Yi, Jiu Tai Rui source), the issue of shares to raise 1 billion 315 million matching funds. But the sharp increase of nine Taiji fund source asset management plan has not yet completed the relevant asset management plan filing procedures, the other plan has not yet completed the private equity fund for the record. Before the reorganization, reorganization of source of information on 2015 of a 100% stake in the acquisition of electronic climax is not complete. In addition, the source of information in the calculation of the transaction on the influence of the ownership structure of listed companies, "if the acquisition Feiteng electronic matching financing share issue price of 13.80 yuan shares". In this regard, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of inquiry to the source of information, require the company to explain the launch of this restructuring plan has not yet been completed because of previous transactions and the listed companies have not yet completed in the previous acquisition of the case, whether the great uncertainty, also requires the company added the "hypothetical" reason. The investment bank said, supporting the financing issue price is set by the inquiry to determine the source of information prior to the acquisition of intelligent electronic, financing model and the company issued shares inquiry directly related company started after the reorganization of the stock price of the stimulus effect is very obvious. Data show that the source of information in the planning of the Wuhan Powertek restructuring before the suspension of trading day, which is March 13th, the closing price of 11.03 yuan, the source of information in September 12th to resume trading day closing price of 12.13 yuan, as of October 13th, the company’s closing price of 19.17 yuan, the highest increase of 79.69%. In this regard, China economic network reporter interviewed the mail source information secretaries do, but not yet received a reply. The old shares rose before the reorganization in parallel, the gem company theory相关的主题文章: