Adjustable rate of success rate of street doll machine shop is 201-若槻ゆうか

Street merchants doll machine adjustable rate of success probability of 20:1 factory the streets of the popular catch many love doll machine scanning grasping dolls who had the experience of watching the doll quickly to the mouth, claws tremble and instantly fall, in order to catch the doll, someone willing to continue to pay…… What is our technology is not fine, or grab the doll machine itself is tricky? Reporter survey found that the doll machine can be manually set by the business success of the program control, so you can not catch the baby is not your fault. Grab the doll a successful reporter visited Kunming major shopping malls, grasping dolls has become almost standard mall. In a large supermarket is located in Beijing Road, 3 floor door, there were 4 sets of the riotous with colour grasping dolls, each machine the doll in different styles, attract a lot of kids and young lovers "a try". With her son to go to the supermarket to buy 20 Yuan Lin, who tried several times to end in failure. "Feel the claws are loose, impossible to catch up, just grab a paw shake out point." Ms. Lin said that there may be deliberately set up businesses, several times to the mouth of the hole, claws and loose. Mr. Lee is caught doll lovers, he and his wife bought 10 yuan decided to try their luck, the two machine test results are nothing. Mr. Li said, the machine must be artificially adjusted. Reporter observed, within 10 minutes, the number of the machine to a total of 4 sets of game player, all empty handed. Next to these businesses, the machine can still catch up sometimes, but less, still have to look at the luck. Tucao catch several times to catch? In the center of Nanping Street a large shopping mall in the city of grasping dolls, they have relatively good grasp, from time to time to see someone holding the "booty" satisfied. Chongqing girl Xiao Guo and his companions spent 8 yuan, a total of caught up to the small dolls, Guo said that in addition to technology, but also depends on luck, because it can grab how much, is a good tune businesses. Guo pointed to the position below the machine told reporters: "I see others open adjusted, can be directly in tune." Senior game player Ms. Lu told reporters, she in the machine to observe for a long time, sometimes several times to found catch up a situation. So she is behind the others, there are five or six people grabbed the machine, caught a relatively high probability. Reporter observed, this very popular gaming city to play the basic business, students are kept to the service desk for money game player, from time to time the staff to open the machine to add new doll. The seller can adjust the success probability of reporters in the Taobao search grab dolls, found that prices generally between 1000~2000 yuan, the "luxury" version of the price of 4000 yuan, is there a double machine price up to 6000 yuan, the price of different appearance, material, performance of the motherboard are not the same. After the purchase of doll machine, but also need to buy a currency machine. After the machine to buy back, how to ensure profitability? A seller told reporters, general machine factory is adjusted by setting the probability of the program on the motherboard, to control the grasping force. Usually the probability is 20:1, that is, about 20 times or so, you can grab a.相关的主题文章: