Adobe houses collapsed seven couples trapped in the hands of the police grilled ruins rescue

Adobe houses collapsed seven couples trapped in the hands of the police grilled ruins rescue Dong Tuan Cun an old Adobe houses collapsed. JINGWAH Times reporter Tao Ran photo original title: Police hands ruins rescue elderly Times News (reporter Han Linjun) JINGWAH more than 11 at 22 in the evening, Shunyi District Yang Zhen Dong Tuan Cun a 20 years of adobe houses collapsed, one of the seventy couples were trapped in the ruins. Yang Zhen police station rushed to the scene, together with the firemen unarmed Bakai ruins, two old people rescued, the old man reflected uneventfully. Yesterday afternoon, the government said Yang, Dong Tuan Cun has applied for the implementation of the transformation of the old houses. The collapse of adobe houses for the villagers Liu Shan home. Yesterday afternoon, Adobe houses collapsed yet to fix the roof, built of wood, covered with mud and straw, on both sides of the walls are brick structure. Villager Liu recalled more than 11 points, 22 in the evening, she heard a loud noise, the whole house is shaking, "thought it was an earthquake". Then, is the next door neighbor Liu Shan house collapsed. Miss Liu, 20 years to build the adobe house before Liu Shan, have not heard what the problem is. Including her house, there are many near decades old adobe. 2:15 yesterday afternoon, Shunyi Public Security Bureau official micro-blog Shunyi police news release, 23 at 2 pm, Shunyi branch Yang Town police station duty room received 110 alarm: Dong Tuan Cun Yang area houses have collapsed, there are people trapped. After receiving the alarm, director Wu led several police drove to the scene. The police found that the collapse of housing site has gathered a lot of people, then cordoned off, the people evacuated to safe areas. By the scene, police found a collapse of housing is built 20 years ago, the old Adobe houses. The main house on the eastern side of the roof has collapsed, two elderly people trapped in the building of East Fangshan and North Fangshan angle in a confined space. Micro Bo said, director Wu to the trapped man shouted, keep the spirit and desire to survive. Due to the collapse of housing located in the alley, large-scale rescue machinery can not enter, bring difficulties to the rescue work. Police and firefighters can only use a little hand pull, after nearly 30 minutes of rescue two trapped people were rescued, 120 emergency personnel they will be sent to the Shunyi District hospital for examination and treatment. In this regard, the government said Liu Shan Yang, the old man has been his son to Shunyi city living, Liu Shan’s wife due to leg injuries in hospital. Before the incident, the town also sent staff to the village inspections, avoid the damage due to Adobe roof water. At present, Dong Tuan Cun has applied for the implementation of the transformation of the old houses, the town government is reported to higher authorities. Editor: Joe’s SN098

土坯房倒塌七旬夫妇受困 民警手扒废墟救老人 东疃村一处土坯房倒塌。京华时报记者 陶冉 摄   原标题:民警手扒废墟救老人   京华时报讯(记者韩林君)22日晚上11点多,顺义区杨镇东疃村一间20多年的土坯房倒塌,一对七旬夫妇被困在废墟中。杨镇派出所民警赶至现场,与消防员一起徒手扒开废墟,将两名老人救出,老人身体现已无大碍。昨天下午,杨镇政府表示,东疃村已申请对老旧房屋实施改造。   倒塌土坯房为村民刘山家。昨天下午,倒塌的土坯房仍未修复,其屋顶由木材搭建,上面盖着泥土和秸秆,两边的承重墙是砖混结构。   村民刘女士回忆说,22日晚上11点多,她听到一声巨响,整个屋子都在晃,“以为是地震了”。随后才发现,是隔壁邻居刘山家塌了。刘女士介绍,刘山家的这座土坯房建了20多年,之前没听说有什么问题。包括她的房子在内,附近还有很多几十年的老旧土坯房。   昨天下午2点15分,顺义公安分局官方微博“顺义警方”发布消息称,23日凌晨2点,顺义分局杨镇派出所值班室接到110布警:杨镇地区东疃村有民房倒塌,有群众被困。接到布警后,吴所长带领多名警力驱车赶到现场。民警发现倒塌房屋现场已经聚集了很多群众,于是拉起警戒线,把群众疏散到安全地带。通过现场查看,民警发现倒塌房屋是一处20年前建造的老式土坯房。正房最东侧的屋顶已经全部坍塌,两位老人就被困在房屋东房山和北房山夹角内狭小的空间里。   微博称,吴所长向被困老人喊话,保持其精神状态和求生欲。由于倒塌房屋位于胡同内,大型救援机械无法进入,给施救工作带来困难。民警和消防员只能用手一点点地扒,经过近30分钟的救援,两位被困老人被成功救出,120急救人员将他们送往顺义区医院进行检查和治疗。   对此,杨镇政府表示,刘山老人已被儿子带到顺义城区居住,刘山的妻子因腿部受伤仍在医院接受治疗。事发前,镇里也曾派遣工作人员到村里巡查,避免这些土坯房因屋顶积水产生损坏。目前,东疃村已申请对老旧房屋实施改造,镇政府正在向上级部门汇报。 责任编辑:乔雷华 SN098相关的主题文章: