Airpods is the most intelligent Bluetooth headset, but the sound quality is not

AirPods is the most intelligent Bluetooth headset but not good quality digital news Tencent (Mangofish) this year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus may be a bit less bright, but let the long rumored apple AirPods Bluetooth headset with a little "One More Thing" feeling. After the cancellation of the 3.5mm standard headset interface, as an alternative, Apple hopes to encourage users to transition to wireless AirPods. According to Apple’s plan, AirPods is expected to be officially launched in October this year, if you are not very clear in the end the price of over a thousand dollars worth of Bluetooth headset, might as well look at the foreign media editors how to say! For the appearance of AirPods, evaluation of Business Insider and other media tend to the general, although apple is still called the design has always been elegant, but simply "cut" EarPod line is somewhat lazy, but Wired seems to be described as a toothbrush worn on the ear. However, from the point of view of wearing a solid, the test shows that AirPods does not seem too easy to fall, walking, running, bending, shaking his head is no problem, but it is to worry about AirPods easily lost friends breathed a sigh of relief. Note that, compared with the wired EarPods, not AirPods, the traditional wire, so when listening to music to adjust the volume or speed must be suspended or directly through the Siri operation in the mobile phone, and this logic makes editors not less tucao. Because you have to click on the AirPods to wake up Siri, when the concert pause, then say "volume" voice commands, the volume of music will continue to increase at the same time, compared to the control line according to a may be a bit of trouble. In the pairing and the use of the way, foreign media editors for AirPods’s "smart" gives a consistent praise. Although it is still based on Bluetooth, but with the W1 chip AirPods finally let the Bluetooth headset pairing becomes simple enough. As long as the open box, iPhone will receive a reminder of the connection on the AirPods, but also with a power display. But note that, in this state, AirPods only in the connection mode of low power consumption, only when the infrared sensor detects the user wearing the headset, AirPods will really work, can also take into account the ease of use and power consumption. As for the quality, as a Bluetooth headset, AirPods is unqualified but far not stunning, to meet the daily needs no problem, if you have a pair of fancier ears, or choose a wired headset you love! Finally concluded that the best ease of use is the biggest bright spot in AirPods, and it may be the most intelligent Bluetooth headset on the market, although it must be through the Siri voice control logic may be inconvenient. But if you are obsessive compulsive disorder is not like the general shape of the toothbrush, or the sound quality has harsh requirements, AirPods does not seem to be the first choice C相关的主题文章: