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"Aladdin and the magic lamp" today released secret five funny aspect – Sohu entertainment knife group’s offbeat relay chose the beauty of small fry "the prime minister’s nephew" temple dance entertainment Sohu fantasy adventure comedy comedy "Aladdin and the magic lamp", will be released in the country today is. The film spent nearly two years at a cost of nearly one hundred million yuan, the ancient and mysterious legend became a very shocking fantasy blockbuster, won the annual box office in France when released, released in three weeks and won three consecutive championships in the domestic box office, modeled on the classic fairy tale creation, covers "through", "magical adventure salute", "Star Wars" to subvert the brain hole imagine stimulus elements, whether it is "slide to unlock lamp" or "flying carpet", "the second prince" and other scenes, all show the most incisive French nonsensical spoof style and super cool visual impact, called the "heart" and funny force "kidney" movie. One point: "God scripts" clapped as the case of large, "Aladdin and the magic lamp" will "French humor" poker-faced nonsense "continuation of the end, many industry insiders praise wow, praised the" hot ", in some surprise evaluation says," November is the magic of the hilarious comedy". When a helpless hit that forced at their CP, what will impact what kind of spark? One is the "game Street" in the two youth, a Dark Wizard is the Prime Minister of their great power, high energy mutual confrontation brain hole Biao piece, expectations burst table. Two things: the magic of the Divine Comedy funny forced the well worth mentioning is that in the earlier national poisoning "ah ah" brainwashed Divine Comedy brain invasion, leading to the square dance Fenghua, "teases the nervous laughter limit" the good reputation of famous network, magic kichiku style heat continuation of several weeks back, once a network BGM explosion models, PA two dimension. The Middle East marks the graceful dance, thick curry and the ultimate spoof style, rhythm and movement, "Wulitou" dance style with "magic" rhythm, adorable and adorable stay contrast "joke", forming a strong explosive force, people laugh incessantly. Three things: the amazing effects hot cure at home and abroad as a powerful super fairy tale IP, "Aladdin and the magic lamp" brainwashing, funny force, spoof three "non mainstream" tricky elements set, playing multiple space changes, through the "magic carpet", "magic lamp" and "dance" from the perspective of effects, making the magic appeared real and exotic Space folding amazing value. As the French box office, the film spent nearly two years at a cost of one hundred million, this ancient and mysterious fairy tale into a shocking extremely funny forced the Department of large, and in this layer of special coat wrapped fairy kernel, without losing the simple but deep meaning of the story, both in good faith and courage. Touching feelings and let people uproarious humor and warmth, with remarkable degree. Four things: spoof "play" a new temperament in addition to throughout the Wulitou scripts, "Aladdin and the magic lamp" is the "Avalokitesvara", "India dance", "hot eyes" sketch comedy elements collocation among them, "open sesame" and "sliding unlock" transplantation by order the whole play gas.相关的主题文章: