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Tennis Wilson rackets are used by the top professionals these days. Wilson has been renowned for its originality in racket manufacturing, designing and marketing the same. As the tennis sport evolved Wilson rackets have as well changed to meet the demands of leisure players and professionals alike. The Wilson rackets company initially started off as the Ashland Manufacturing Company, a Tennessee industry that was founded to use waste products from the local meat packing industry. One among the most helpful animal bi-products was the pig intestine. This was used to produce tennis rackets with the help of natural gut-strings. The president of this company was Thomas E. Wilson in the year 1915 and changed its name officially in the year 1916. The first Wilson rackets were manufactured from woods like ash, oak or maple. Every type of these woods had its own unique level of firmness, which made the different rackets perform altogether differently. The wood will be heated until it became flexible, and then curved to shape the head of the racket. The developments in the manufacturing in the year 1940 led to the use of wiry layers to give lighter weight and strength. The fame of these Wilson rackets soared high in the year 1948 with the launching of the Jack Kramer brand. This was one among the first sponsorship contract with the professional player and the most successful one. These Wilson Rackets that is specifically designed for Kramers unique style of playing is even today the topmost selling tennis rackets in the world and it has created history. Until the year 1984 the design remained the same, letting Wilson to sell more than ten million pieces of these rackets. Later on it switched on to the metal rackets and International Tennis Federation permitted the professionals to make use of these metal rackets in 1979. Wilsons latest T2000 metal framed turned out to be the latest industry norms. The metal frame was lighter and stiffer than when compared to the wooden ones. Wilson began manufacturing graphite composite rackets in the 1980s to transform the sport more reachable to the leisure players. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: