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In the past twenty years, the cold atom field marked by Bose Einstein condensation has experienced a rapid development. Deborah Jin is one of the young supernova. She took part in the first discovery of Bose Einstein condensation, and her team was one of the most active groups in the field of cold atoms. In view of its outstanding contribution, she was recognized as a popular candidate for the Nobel prize. At the age of 47, while the prime, the physics community is also looking forward to the vigorous development of her continue to lead the field of ultracold atom. Her sudden departure was distressing, leaving a hole that was hard to fill. We all feel a deep regret. She is willing to go. Ford Deborah Deborah Shiu-Lan Jin (Debbie Jin, Chinese name "Jin Xiulan") in after the tenacious fight against cancer, died in September 15, 2016, at the age of 47 years old. Deborah Jin is an internationally renowned physicist, she is the National Institute of standards and Technology (NIST) Professor, adjunct professor at the University of Colorado boulder physics department, and researcher JILA NIST of the University of Colorado and the united. A light of JILA is out early. In more than and 20 years, Deborah Jin has been JILA colleagues, young scholars and staff of the good teachers and helpful friends. She is a model for women scientists. I hope there will be more women like her in the future. JILA is the grief of her death. "Debbie is a great scientist, an outstanding mentor, a valuable friend and amiable wife and mother." O’Brian’s director of quantum physics, Tom, said: "her departure left a void in the JILA and the international academic community and the hearts and minds of her friends and relatives," said JILA. We express our deepest sympathy and condolences to Debbie’s family and friends, her colleagues at JILA and all over the world." In her fruitful career, Jin has made a lot of achievements, has been widely recognized. She is a pioneer in polar molecular quantum chemistry. 1995 to 1997 years, she condensed in Bose JILA and Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman in the research of rarefied gas Einstein, which is a boson is cooled to just above absolute zero (-273.15 degrees Celsius) millionths of a few degrees phenomenon. Since then, she has continued to study the physics of ultracold atomic gases, exploring the relationship between superconductivity and Bose Einstein condensation. Jin then pioneered the study of ultracold Fermi gases. The Fermi gas in which the atoms are fermions, when they are associated with the formation of atomic pairs occur or superfluid bose. In 2003, her team developed a new form of matter, the ultracold Fermi condensate. Since 2004, her team has studied the Fermi gas in a strong interaction!相关的主题文章: