Anger film review good not only Satoshi Tsumabuki played gay

"Angry" the good not just Satoshi Tsumabuki gay Sina entertainment news to the end, the auditorium lights on, some women reluctant to leave secretly in tears, there are also Asian girls, a Western woman, and two men sitting in the audience did not leave, this is the day of the year "anger" masterpiece after the Toronto Film Festival screenings of the scene, they are the media or film makers, may be optimistic about a number of movie that day. "Anger" good-looking, from a solid script and superb storytelling ability, the actors to performance, and the blessing of Ryuichi Sakamoto music. The film was shot in accordance with Yoshida Shunichi’s original work, only to erase a few irrelevant lines. The beginning is the scene of the murder, in the extreme cruelty of the crime, the murderer left the scene, anger, and then escape and cosmetic surgery. Then, the narrative line to Tokyo, Chiba, and the Okinawa three places, three places have an unidentified man associated with the local people, they are more or less similar, and the police suspect the exposure, three stories, the trust between people began to be challenged. There is little suspense, set up another two parallel and complete as suspect story for the murderer, no big problem this set of books, but in this movie, or the audience will initially There are both advantages and disadvantages., puzzled some, but in the end the truth, because there are three themes the confluence of stories and profound, the emotions of the audience will accumulate into a higher level, so as to flood like spewing out. Three the hero of the story, are close to and from the recognition that to doubt, alienation, how not to repeat the expression is very difficult, but "anger" will let the audience perceive the consistency of the three story trajectory. The film was the reason why many fans labeled as "the most anticipated movie", the reason is that there is a strong cast, each story actor configuration to single into a popular movie. Of course, whether it’s a novel or a film, the most impressive is the story of a gay lover. Satoshi Tsumabuki Satoshi Tsumabuki had eight consecutive years was voted the most popular gay male star, this time finally played gay, is also unambiguous, he played Fujita Yuma in the Big Gay pool party scene debut, kiss ambiguous, enjoy them. Subsequently, he was in the "development" (for a gay sex nightclub) had Xizhimen people (Ling Ye just decoration), and forced on him, but on the look of homeless people back home. In addition, they have the side naked lens in Yuma’s home, a large scale. Two performers for the show also specifically cohabitation for a while, very dedicated. Finally, the results presented in the film is also very close to nature. Because the samurai image and world-renowned film Ken Watanabe, this time as the missteps girls son father Dian Yang Ping, a very ordinary middle-aged man. He wanted her daughter to find happiness and fear of acting is very delicate, daughter married to a bad husband, there is a lens or by acting, and Aoi Miyazaki to play the girl was somewhat difficult, the role is not lovable, but as long as she can)相关的主题文章: