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.""Dad?""When your father is because in the family home, gujia this don’t like martial arts daughter found accidentally, in the martial art – has amazing talent.Friends and relatives Keqing, no matter who practice martial arts, she can just judge a few words, and to the interest, so early in the morning for you made this marriage.It is to borrow her martial talent, enhance our song of the martial arts.She and your husband and wife for more than a year, song door fighting skill depth way all she knew, and her wit, if this bitter, concentrate on study, martial arts, will be a great blow to our family.Moreover, song Gu two together, and stores the gentlemen are of great influence, that of a union may not waste.Who knows you are impulsive, disaster that make, also not quickly to restore.""But, mother, because she had written, moonlight……""You can rest assured, the song can’t be ungrateful divorce thing, Gu not jealous divorced daughter.As long as you bow, sincerely apologize, Gu play and scold scold go, or will it.Liu Yuehua is your own flesh and blood, Gu angry again, also cannot let her door, as long as the guarantee of Gu Qingyao position authority on the line.You also don’t reluctant, Liu Yuehua is what identity, but parents, childhood attachment Gu cousin, Mrs. less qualified to do, where the.You love her gentle, gentle woman in this world, obedient beyond count, but like Gu Qingyao, smart, assertive, background, have the appearance of woman, is less and less.You plan a happy today, he will regret?Don’t be in a daze, immediately gave me at top speed, arrived home to.""!""Yao, tell you a good news, Song Jianqiu has personally to apologize."Gu lady calls to ears, Gu Qingyao wooden window body shaking lightly, eyes slightly dull earth move, "he has to do what?""Silly girl, what can he do, of course, is pleaded guilty to apologize, but be careful, careful want you back."Gu lady smiled and sat down beside Gu Qingyao, pity upon the Gu Qingyao left, "later, have wronged though come home, my parents will decide for you, why bother such torture yourself.A a good hand to waste.""Let him go, I will not go back with him."Gu Qingyao pendency Mou, simply say."You don’t have to say, I would let him out of the five.He paid a careful way, a pile of smile, said many sound ‘I guilty’ to get into the village.Come in, your dad’s big ear for the fighting in the past, he also dare not utter a sound, kneeling in the hall inside, ask your Father forgive them, although we also face the foot, however, can’t spare him, then severely warning him, let he really remember. The lesson, is his gift to you come back."Gu lady smiled and comforted her daughter.Gu Qingyao listen to mother’s words, but suddenly the Zheng big eyes, shocked and sat up straight, "mother, do you want me to go back?""Silly boy, but is also just.This time, you should write a certificate of divorce really, really too much.Fortunately, Song Jianqiu also sensible, willing to come back again, otherwise your dad really do not know how to step down.You are the marriage according to all the traditional rules, eight lifting bridge into the song home, which can say to Hugh Hugh, go."Ms. Gu said softly.Gu Qingyao lips slightly trembling, about to speak, but saying nothing.A year ago, the eight lift bridge, Ella Xia Pei, like a fairy in the public compliment Hershey sound, wind scene light into the door; a year later, she has been in chaos, clothing has been broken, the heart has been broken, the soul has disappeared, but a proud unyielding, straighten the waist desolate one person out of the door when the song, they have not kept returning to the heart.Why, why their mother, and have not read divorced daughter resentment, but her return to the song?My heart is full of grief and indignation, puzzled, bitternesses of angry, helpless, temporarily and unexpectedly speechless, only with a double shock unbelieving eyes, looked at her mother.Gu’s wry smile: "baby, I know you.But, as a woman, one can not wronged.