Australia Holiday Package Kangaroos, Koalas, Sun & Surf-yo te amo

Travel-and-Leisure Dont go to Australia. Not if youre someone who likes to try new things, meet new people, eat new food and drink new drinks. Because with the Australian tourism industry being as developed as it is, with just the massive amount of things there are to see and do, the countless places there are to go, after Australia no other international holiday package will ever appeal to you as much as going down under. However, if youre willing to forsake all other possible holidays if youre the sort who can get addicted to one place and who can see the obsession through, then Australia should be your next international holiday package. The Outback The Australian outback is legendary. And its more than what is taught about it in elementary school geography textbooks. Its where the kangaroos live, yes. Its also home to emus, dingoes, feral pigs and station horses that have run away into the wild. Every so often, the bush as it been locally dubbed, breaks out into flames because the climate is too dry and arid. Even so, theres the beautiful topography of the place to be admired, rented cars that you can blaze through the desert in and the dozens of wildlife sanctuaries to visit. Its a harsh place, and a challenge to explore, but a worthwhile one at that. Gold Coast If youre looking for a taste of Australian city life, head to Gold Coast, Queensland. Whats remarkable about the city is that despite its rapid urbanization and metropolitan lifestyle, the beaches are pristine, attracting surfers and other water sporting enthusiasts from all over the world. For the more conventionally adventurous, theres Warner Bros. Movie World and innumerable amusement and water parks, each with its own edge. Gold Coast is also home to celebrated car races, marathon runs and the worlds fifth highest residential building. Everything that happens in a big city is happening here. Dont miss it. The Great Barrier Reef What does one expect from the worlds largest, entirely natural coral reef but an indelible amount of beauty? While environmental threats such as coral bleaching loom large, a single deep sea dive will leave you gasping in awe at the diversity and quality of marine life. Sting rays, sharks, gigantic turtles and even dugongs can be found in the waters off the Reef. If youre looking for some seclusion, a smattering of islands off the main coastline will provide you with exactly what you need. Opera House, Sydney For the more artistically inclined, one of the worlds most revered performing arts venues is situated right in the bustle of Sydney. The quirky architecture stunning performances theatre, opera, classical music, dance make it worth ones effort to visit Sydney. Stick around till the evening to watch the Opera House lit up against the darkening sky, and while you stick around, even check out the Royal Botanical Gardens next door. Now, if youre feeling a little more inclined to give up all other international holiday packages for the one described, then go to Australia. Its a blast! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: