B the analysis of defense montedio Yamagata poor do not live to see the goal – Sohu-yuria

B: the analysis of defense montedio Yamagata poor do not live to see the goal – Sohu vs FC 2016 montedio Yamagata Ehime B thirty-fifth round Saturday time: 2016-10-8 13:00 aocai handicap: 1.06 Liverpol handicap: 1.07 0.78 Pingban Pingban 0.85 average odds: 2.37 2.95 3.04 [1] the score data from Yamagata mountain is a strength in the middle about the team. They are newly promoted this season, but now only ranked in the middle and lower reaches. 2 a game on the road against montedio Yamagata Mito hollyhock they 0 than 0 draw with rivals. But in the home court montedio Yamagata is also good. The last 2 to 1 victory over the Tokushima vortex, there are 0 0 draw with Kyoto sanga. The integral 3 gable mountain is 35 points above the relegation zone, they only 5 points. Pressure is not small. 4 due to injury montedio Yamagata more players, their defense of some difficulty. 5 Ehime on a field in the home court in the ratio of 3 to 0 victory over Yokohama. They lost only 1 Games in the last 10 games. 6 on the road is 1 more than the recent Ehime 2 lost to Gifu, this is their only defeat. [analysis] montedio Yamagata asian handicap situation is far better than the opponent optimistic. So open the Lord let flat half this dish is a dish of home court. The water level of the home team is now showing a downward trend. William’s water level does not change. But the water level is only 2.90 draw, the same odds, found the probability is very small. The disc recommended: FC by Pingban Ehime SMG recommended: 3相关的主题文章: