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Beijing Beijing high-speed road around the afternoon meet peak — Society — original title: welcome to Beijing high-speed road at peak holiday tomorrow will come by the holidays is not affected by the motor vehicle tail number limit line limit, highway toll free minibus and other factors, the main road highway and the city tourist attractions, large business circle the surrounding road traffic flow is expected to appear superimposed, airports, train stations, long-distance passenger stations around the road there will be a large traffic flow, vehicle intensive, may bring huge pressure to the road traffic. The traffic control department to remind the public, advance the development of travel plans, reasonable arrangements for travel time travel peak. According to the urban road network traffic statistics for nearly three years, National Day holiday traffic pressure is increasing year by year, and the first day of the holiday traffic pressure, urban traffic is slightly better than the new year’s day, Qingming Festival, "51", the Mid Autumn Festival and other holidays. The traffic control department is expected this year, the National Day trend still exists. In addition, due to some units began to leave at noon today, resulting in the evening peak ahead. On the other hand, from the highway traffic operation nearly three years of data, National Day holiday highway traffic flow is increasing year by year, the traffic control department is expected this year will be higher than in previous years, especially the Beijing Tibet, Beijing Chengde, Beijing, Beijing opened highway. The reference data for the same period last year travel, the traffic control department is expected this afternoon and tomorrow there will be a highway from Beijing traffic peak. The traffic control department said that during the national day will start high-level ground plan. During the festival will also be launched by the Beijing traffic police micro-blog holiday real-time road surface text, real-time release of road information to help people travel. High speed traffic jam prediction today 15:00-23:00 Beijing Tibet Expressway (Changping South toll station – Shuiguan toll station), Jingkaigaosu (Xihongmen bridge – pear bridge), the new high-speed Beijing (North Xin Bao toll station – Mijiabao overpass) 14:00-19:00 (Chengde and bridge at – jujube ridge bridge), the Beijing Tibet Expressway (Madian Bridge – 17:00-20:00 (Airport Express) Ringer bridge xiangheyuan bridge – Wen Yu 19:00-23:00 (North) Beijing high-speed toll station – yuegezhuang bridge Doudian Jinghagaosu (6:00-9:00) tomorrow Puhe bridge – Shi Yuanqiao) 6:00-23:00 Beijing Tibet Expressway (Changping South toll station – Shuiguan toll station) 6:00-14:00 Beijing Chengde (Chaohe River Bridge No. 1 – Dinghu Golden Bridge), Jingkaigaosu (Xihongmen bridge – pear bridge), Beijing high-speed (North yuegezhuang bridge toll station – Doudian) 7: 00-12:00 Beijing Chengde (the liberation of the village bridge – Beijing Chaobai River Bridge (bridge) 10:00-12:00 airport high-speed xiangheyuan – Wen Yu) south station subway delay class National Day holiday approaching half an hour, the Beijing morning news reporter learned from the MTR subway line 4 Beijing South Railway Station yesterday until October 7th night Linke, convenient travel, therefore, upward the train concourse subway line 4 Beijing South Railway Station to QiaoBei Railway Station bus send Ontario)相关的主题文章: