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Beijing second-hand housing turnover is 6 times higher than that of the new house – Real Estate – People’s original title: the sale of second-hand housing in the second set of the new house in set up a new house in Beijing in the case of new houses and second-hand housing transactions showed a reverse trend of 1 in August. As a result of changes in the structure of the transaction, the new home market volume and price down; but the second-hand housing market is still stable and showing the volume and price trend. However, a clear trend is that the size of the new house market transactions are getting smaller and smaller, insiders revealed 6 sets of second-hand housing turnover in the same period, the new home can only be traded 1 sets. Beijing second-hand housing market has become the main force in the real estate market. General housing and second-hand housing transactions than the near 1:6 "in Yizhuang or Xihongmen to buy a set of 5 million to $8 million of new houses, there is no right." After inquiries of a number of real estate, the public Ms. Wang felt a bit low, "the project was not much, each opening of housing is also very little." The new home market more and more "suburban, luxury", in the end to working-class home project supply to meet, make a lot of improvement in housing demand to the second-hand housing market. From August data can be seen, the new deal mostly concentrated in housing and apartment products, and concentrated in suburban areas. Wage earners to improve the type of home buyers, especially for the first time to improve the family has become the main force in the secondary housing market. Albert I love my home group vice president Hu Jinghui explained that the six areas of the city transportation, medical, education, business and other supporting more perfect, and more diverse, stimulating in August the city of six second-hand housing transaction volume rose. At the same time, the school district housing estates in August coincided with the peak, many parents of children aged two or three to three or four years for children after school can meet the settled conditions and the entrance, six districts of the city of education is rich in resources, so to attract more buyers to improve the type of family. Multi agency data show that in August this year, Beijing city’s second-hand housing transaction volume has reached 183 thousand and 500, but the new home market, the removal of low-income housing from the housing, apartment products, ordinary residential and villa projects only cumulative turnover of 33164 sets. In other words, the Beijing real estate market, each transaction five to six sets of second-hand housing, only a set of ordinary residential and villa projects, the secondary market has become the main force. August new home prices fell by self housing according to Albert I love my home group Market Research Institute of statistics, August Beijing city’s new commercial housing (excluding low-income housing) turnover is 12541 units, the chain fell 9.5% in July. On the price, the average transaction price of 31161 yuan per square meter, compared with the month of July decreased by 6.1%. Transaction price decline, mainly due to the impact of the transaction structure, the average price of a relatively large number of home-based commercial housing turnover. August Beijing ordinary residential apartments, villas, trading volume fell by 17.3% compared to July, respectively, 24.9%, 11.4%, and since the housing rose by 61.6%. In fact, if the deduction from the housing and apartment products, ordinary residential and villa products trading volume of 4175 sets. From the regional distribution of transactions, in August the new Beijing commercial housing turnover of the largest three regions were Fangshan相关的主题文章: