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BlackBerry announced to abandon the transfer to the mobile phone manufacturing software service Blackberry mobile phone manufacturing prospects unknown announced to abandon the software business or as a "life-saving straw" on each reporter Meng Qingjian NOKIA hero ended two years later, headquartered in Waterloo Canada BlackBerry also gave up the mobile phone business. Such as NOKIA, apple and Android in the BlackBerry to become the last camp under the impact of cruelty. The fall of the BlackBerry is also announcing the end of an era. Two consecutive quarterly losses, this once killed the United States to occupy 48% of the market share of the mobile phone brand. September 27th, blackberry officially announced that it would give up its own manufacturing mobile phones, and will outsource its mobile phone business. BlackBerry CEO Cheng Shouzong said the company plans to avoid fierce competition in the hardware market, focusing on more attractive software and equipment management business. Blackberry mobile phone business will be stripped from the main industry of this move, apple CEO Cook said in an interview, we will fully tap the market opportunity to set aside blackberry." BlackBerry is here today? Wired magazine believes that its transition is too slow, missed opportunity. Some analysts believe that the BlackBerry and the face of external competition to take the road of non competitive compromise closely related, and even the main reason. After stripping the mobile phone business, BlackBerry will go from here? The company will be transferred to the core business software services, but the prospects are still unknown. For the two quarter loss of Blackberry mobile phone first appeared in 1998, the brand owner RIM believes that wireless email receivers are crowded together in a small black English standard keyboard, it looks like the surface of blackberry seed capsules, had such an interesting name. 2006, blackberry is the most shining moment, it once occupied 48% of the U.S. market share. Even in 2009, iPhone 4 has been popular in the global mobile phone shipments, blackberry is still up to 50 million, claimed that in the global mobile phone market accounted for 20%, the annual income of nearly $20 billion, the market value was $83 billion. However, with the strong rise of iPhone and Android camp, blackberry gradually disappeared in the public view. In recent years, blackberry trying to restore the decline. To please the user, even give up BlackBerry BB10 operating system that proud full keyboard design and home, switch to Android camp. Subsequently, the BlackBerry is BlackBerry Priv some missteps, released in 2014, $700 a few consumers. In 2015, John Chen admitted that some of the Priv pricing is too high, he said that the first Android mobile phone positioning so high, it may not be a very wise choice, and that BlackBerry will soon release another Android smart mobile phone, priced at around $350, but in the fierce fighting Android BlackBerry market right now what chance. A year ago, Cheng Shouzong had issued an ultimatum to the mobile phone business. Just released the 2017 fiscal year, the two quarter earnings, quarter revenue of $490 million, down by 31.8%, a net loss of $3.72相关的主题文章: