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Breaking the German system C class monopoly? Analysis of S90 Volvo automobile Sohu [Sohu] new car at present, the domestic luxury car market in large perennial basic Ashkenazi three 5 series by BMW + Audi A6L+ Mercedes Benz E class which dominates, although the internal competition, but this subtle triangular relationship in the short term is difficult to have other competitors come in. In fact, many second tier luxury brand of Ashkenazi top three in the luxury car market in large dominant impact has never been interrupted, but even self-worth, Quxianjiuguo but still can not shake the dominance of the market. With the launch of the Mercedes Benz E class, many second tier luxury brands seem to find a breakthrough, have been launched in their new car in order to seek the upper. The upcoming Chengdu auto show during the listing of Volvo S90 is one of them. So today we may wish to look at, can break the German luxury car market for large " in a large market in Volvo’s new flagship luxury ashes Monopoly — S90; "? Volvo S90 is the successor, who is the former? If there is no S90, perhaps we will not think of Volvo as well as large car products. However, after all, Volvo S90 replacement models, and its predecessor model is in the past 10 years as the flagship model of Volvo S80 and S80L. Although extended into China for a long time, but the Changan Volvo S80 S80L sales in the country has big improvement, in 2014 and 2015 in the domestic sales were 4385 and 2975, and the Ashkenazi three million annual sales compared to does not have much sense of existence. – in addition to safety, the Volvo S90 can give you more. Volvo mentioned more likely to think of its flagship security configuration, but the Volvo S90 may give us more surprises. As following the new XC90 second models based on the Volvo SPA platform to build, Volvo S90 volume greater than S80, but lighter weight. Including a high degree of automatic driving, including a lot of black technology also allows Volvo S90 more in line with the status of the flagship model. From the product itself, Volvo S90 will not let people down, design can make people appreciate Volvo unique understanding of luxury, but as a security configuration killer and twin turbo engine is also a continuation of the Volvo family by product base. As for the size of the body, the future of Volvo S90 wheelbase after the extension of the domestic believe that it can make up the difference between the current version of the standard version of the vehicle and competitors. If there is anything that can limit the factors of Volvo S90, then it should be the localization of the models have to face the price factor. The sale of 57-72 million yuan is too expensive? Do not worry, this is just the beginning, Volvo officially announced the pre-sale price range of 57-72 S90 million. See this price range believe that the first reaction is very expensive. Should know相关的主题文章: