Bright star David Lui era who met the challenge of difficult to imitate imitation-tinyos

"Bright star" David Lui difficult to imitate imitation in the sense of the times challenge the original singer song not only timeless, but also the effect of healing, in Hongkong there is "bright sound king" of the title, he is a reality show "hidden" the singer guests David Lui. His songs with a unique feeling and sense of the times, with their own music to encourage people out of the trough. David Lui times have challenges difficult to imitate imitation feelings and times of David Lui song, is the time passed away and polished, precipitated crystal only belongs to him. And this crystallization, it is difficult to imitate and beyond. Asked by the host David Lui song should be how to guess, the jury has the guest said: "David Lui’s song is very good to learn to sing, singing mode to the surface may be, but the inside of the feelings are not so easy to dissect." Indeed, a person’s voice can be imitated, but his feelings are not easily imitated. David Lui in the program said in his early learning singing, the teacher for him not to hurt his throat, he tried to use sound in the Dantian taught, when he learned to treble like Fei Yuqing, very easy to get to sing soprano. Then he followed the teacher to practice singing, would imitate Fei Yuqing singing, to minimize the use of throat singing, which not only is not easy to hurt the throat will be more resistant to sing, but also become one of his own characteristics in the treble part of a lighter and a feeling. "Friends Bieku" this song is the treble, bass relaxation, step by step is more acceptable. A variety of factors, both directly or indirectly affect his songs, so his songs have their own unique charm, which is not easy to imitate his songs, an important reason. Warm man by David Lui song imitation prototype was saved originally, when David Lui debut, the company is in accordance with the "continued when the concept of warm man arranging for his personal image. Later, many of his songs and lyrical, coupled with his unique singing style, the warmth of the generations of the heart. The scene is a person claiming to be "imitation saved David Lui" blew childhood love music, always dreamed of being a musician occupation. But when the high school in their low life, do not know how to choose their own way of life, no one can understand or can not find people to talk to, so just by listening to all kinds of music to understand their own heart, heard David Lui song, felt that David Lui’s music can directly reach your heart, can resonate and myself. With David Lui’s song, he finally came out, and follow their own hearts continue to embark on the road of music. When we feel lonely or confused, we always have to rely on their own to find themselves, to break through their own, so as to get out of the haze of life. Fortunately, we have a singer like David Lui, people use songs to lead astray. David Lui all the songs, not the same melody, not the same lyrics, not the same story, not the same situation, but the same warm heart!" The guest who grew up listening to David Lui’s song also said that his song was able to close his eyes to listen to, to enjoy the music.相关的主题文章: