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Parenting When we were kids, the sight of a refrigerator box made us squeak with joy because we knew we would be making a cardboard playhouse. We used a lot of duct tape and even more imagination. Now, you can make life much easier by purchasing cardboard playhouses in many varieties. There are pirate ships, rockets, houses and medieval castles that .e as kits with easy instructions. Pre-made cuts make it super easy to assemble them and keep them in great shape for many months of play. They are also eco-friendly and can be recycled when your child is done playing with them. A cardboard playhouse can also be coloured to personalise it and make it even more fun for the children. They are usually just small enough to keep in the house and make a hideout for creative play. The best part about these cardboard inventions are the prices. Usually available for under 40, you can buy one or two of these when they are on sale and use them for those snowed in days or a week of rain to break up any doldrums in the house. You can also inspire the creative side of your child with the ability to decorate their house as they wish. Cardboard playhouses are also great for birthday parties. Each participant of the party can add to the design of the playhouse and the birthday child then has a fun reminder of their day. It adds another dimension of fun to a party and gives the children a place to play and be creative. Kids always love to create something special for the birthday of their friend. The playhouse can also be easily assembled and disassembled because of its pre-cut design. If your home is a little smaller and you have a hard time keeping the playhouse up all the time, it is very easy to collapse the house and store it until it will be used again. A cardboard playhouse means you have the flexibility to easily take down or move the house whenever you need to. This can also be used outdoors on a nice day. Cardboard playhouses spark the imagination of a child. Choose cardboard playhouses that match your child’s loves. If your child loves pirates, pick a playhouse in the shape of a pirate boat. If they love princes and princesses, choose a castle. There are so many designs available that it is easy to find one that matches what your child’s imagination can dream up! In fact, the shapes available are great. Overall, cardboard playhouses are a good gift to your child. Aside from bringing a lot of fun for your child and his friends, this toy can also encourage creative and imaginative play. With these playhouses, your child will have a great sort of play away from your television. Of course, the nice part about cardboard is that, it is .postable. In this sense, you are contributing a great part in saving the environment. Buying one for your kids then is really worth it. We have many cardboard playhouses to choose from so with our extensive selection you will find something to suit your childs play time needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: