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Kung Fu Panda CBA field 19+16 Liaoning salary 2 million really do not lose Han Dejun sustained high performance light [collection] Liaoning 113-109 Shenzhen GuoShao miss Liaoning Korea 22+16 sports news November 9th reversed Tencent in Shenzhen, Liaoning team after four day battle, to 113-109 to capture the Shenzhen team, Han Dejun in the game for another big game for two pairs, harvest 22 points and 16 rebounds. Since the start of new season, Han Dejun played two pairs, the performance is very eye-catching. It is with excellent performance, Han Dejun was elected the first week of the league’s best players. Even if a loss to the Guangdong team, Han Dejun had 22 points and 17 rebounds, the game against Li Muhao, which is also the season in the outstanding performance, and greater stature. Just the game has just started, Han Dejun gave a blow to the opponent. The opponent was a 9-0 after the start, Han Dejun low ball, Li Muhao behind the counter, apparently to head. Kung Fu Panda is just more meat heavy, but also know how to play smart, saw a fast turn he leans on the hook of the box, the ball firmly hit, Han Dejun shows the very soft feel. But the ball hit, Shenzhen kuanggong continue to divide, further widening the gap to 15-2, what to do? Have to rely on Han Dejun’s singles, is still on the Li Muhao, turned back after the hook shot out of the way. This trick, have a bit of the shadow of Yao Ming. With Han Dejun open the situation, the situation gradually improved Liaoning. And Han Dejun in the field of counterpoint to Li Muhao, is not a small advantage. Even though Li Muhao is tall, but don’t live at the fat man positioning technology. Half of Harding Park inventory, Han Dejun has contributed 12 points and 8 rebounds. Easy to fight again, although Randolph’s single 25 points more eye-catching, but Han Dejun is still silent for the team to make a contribution, but also for their own data to continue building blocks. Yang Ming a surprise after the storm not, Han Dejun jump gently a bit, 2 points and 1 rebounds, to no effort. Judging from the past few seasons, the rebound is not Han Dejun strengths, after all, tonnage, will affect the movement to some extent. But in the case of the new season, Liaoning, lack of rear admiral, Han Dejun seems to play a life. A front distal to the loose ball, 300 pounds of Kung Fu Panda to save even jumped off the backboard. CCTV is also quite emotional, said: Han Dejun really spell……" Yes, this is a rebound, are hard to fight. So far this season, averaging 19 points and 16 rebounds, scoring an increase of 7 points compared with last season, while the rebound compared to last season’s 7.6, or even more than doubled. At the same time, 16 rebounds per game won him at CBA in rebounding. Half a year ago in May 10th, the Liaoning team announced a contract with Han Dejun, it is understood that the two sides signed for a period of 4 years, the annual salary of not less than 5 million of the contract, although the annual salary 3 million compared with him before there is not a small growth, but in fact as a free agent on the market rare inside the big, the Xinjiang team for Han Dejun out nearly 10 million salary, the Beijing team out of 7 million 500 thousand annual salary plus prize winning conditions. To say that Han Dejun is not at all)相关的主题文章: