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Changle Beach "dumb" strong received 50 yuan parking fees   tourists pay less punctured births — Fujian channel — original title: Changle Beach "dumb" strong received 50 yuan parking fees of tourists pay less punctured the tires were punctured tyre. October 5th afternoon, Fuzhou tourists Tang and friends driving two cars to Changle Xiasha beach play, met a "dumb" request to charge 50 yuan per car parking fee, Mr. Tang think this is high price, dispute for half a day, and friends only pay 10 yuan. They came back after an hour, found two car 3 tires were punctured. At present, the Changle police have been involved in the investigation. At 3:30 p.m. on October 5th, Mr. Tang and a few friends drove two cars to the beach in Changle. To the seaside, a thirty or forty year old "dumb" man with a 50 yuan bill came to charge, meaning that each car to charge 50 yuan parking fee. Mr. Tang felt that the price was extremely high, and finally, Mr. Tang and his friend took 10 yuan to mute, and went to the beach to play. After more than an hour, Mr. Tang and his friends came back from the beach, and found that Mr. Tang, two cars on the right side of the car was flat, and the friend’s car also had a tire deflated. After inspection, there were holes on the 3 tires which were obviously leaked by the sharp tool. Mr. Tang is very angry, think "dumb" and charges related to the theory, he has found that have never been heard of since. Mr. Tang then alarm, Changle Jiangtian border police station rushed to the scene and said the parking position is monitored dead, not to take. Reporters learned that, Changle Xiasha Beach "dumb strong parking fee", has existed for many years, many tourists report, but the charges are always there. Yesterday, due to the holiday, the reporter failed to contact the Changle Riviera Resort & Spa management committee. Changle police said they would investigate Mr. Tang’s vehicle crash. (reporter Xu Wenyuwen photo) (commissioning editor Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou) 长乐海滩“哑巴”强收50元停车费 游客少交钱被扎破胎–福建频道–人民网 原标题:长乐海滩“哑巴”强收50元停车费 游客少交钱被扎破胎   被扎破的车胎。   10月5日下午,福州游客唐先生和朋友驾驶两辆车到长乐下沙海滩游玩,遇到一名“哑巴”要求收取每车50元停车费,唐先生觉得这是天价,争执半天,和朋友每人只交了10元。他们一个小时后回来时,发现两部车有3个车胎被扎破。目前,长乐警方已经介入调查。   10月5日下午3时30分许,唐先生和几个朋友驾驶两辆车到长乐下沙海边游玩。到了海边时,一名三四十岁的“哑巴”男子拿着一张50元钞票前来收费,意思是每辆车要收取50元停车费。唐先生觉得简直是天价,最后唐先生和朋友一人拿了10元钱给“哑巴”,就去海滩游玩了。   过了一个多小时,唐先生和朋友从海滩回来,发现唐先生车子右侧两个轮胎全瘪了,朋友的车也有一个轮胎瘪掉。经过检查,3个轮胎上有明显被利器扎漏的孔。唐先生非常愤怒,认为和收费的“哑巴”有关,想去理论时,发现他已经不知所终。   唐先生随后报警,长乐江田边防派出所民警赶到现场查看,称停车位置处于监控死角,没有拍到。   记者了解到,长乐下沙海滩“哑巴强收停车费”,已经存在多年,很多游客举报,但收费的人始终存在。昨日由于是假期,记者未能联系上长乐市海滨度假村管委会。长乐警方表示会对唐先生车辆被扎一事进行调查。(记者 徐文宇 文 摄) (责编:陈楚楚、吴舟)相关的主题文章: