Changsha quickly cracked the murder of 9.14 suspects because of debt disputes in the new – shot dorm win7codecs

Changsha 9.14 murder suspect shot quickly cracked because of debt disputes – Beijing University Dorm staff in September 15, Changsha Xinhua (reporter Fu Yu) Changsha 15 police informed the foreign, by night fighting, the police task force 9 hours quickly cracked "9.14" murder suspect, chapter XX in the morning arrested in Ningxiang. In this case, the suspect will be a college dorm staff shot because of debt disputes, and the grandson stabbed with a knife. On the evening of 14 at 21:30 PM, Changsha City West of a university apartment building occurred outside the 2 deaths caused by the murder, the suspect fled after committing the crime. After the incident, Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the rapid deployment of police set up a task force, Public Security Bureau, deputy mayor, city Changsha Tang Xiangyang, Hunan public security corps captain Zhao Jian and Changsha City Public Security Bureau, responsible person to the scene, the police task force launched by the detection work. After 9 hours of continuous fighting, the 15 day morning at 6:40 PM, police task force in Ningxiang County Ning Shaolu a family hotel will suspect Zhang Moumou arrested, and seized fake 64 type pistol, a spring knife. After investigation, the evening of 14 21 PM, the suspect Zhang Moumou (male, 26 years old, Guangdong Chaozhou people) to the west of a university apartment building to the school dorm staff Tang Mou (male, 50 years old, Yiyang people) for their daughter’s phone, said her daughter Tangmou owed him money, parties to the conflict. Pull out the chapter carry on imitation of "64" type pistol hit a soup to die on the spot, and taking the spring knife soup a grandson by one stabbed after fleeing the scene. After sending a hospital, after the rescue invalid death. After the interrogation, the suspect Zhang Moumou confessed to their crimes. Currently, Zhang has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. (end)相关的主题文章: