Characteristics of structural bull market is expected to continue-特命战队go busters

The obvious characteristics of the market structural bull market is expected to continue Sina App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock Jiepan election Niugu tournament, Zhang Deliang Yang Xiaokun, editor of new kinetic energy (corresponding to the new industries and traditional industries) long period conversion period in the bull market, the stock market in the United States has behaved most incisive. Long period, this new round of bull market driven economic power, in 2000 before the Internet economy, the current market capitalization topped the list of apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and the Tencent holdings, Alibaba, are typical of this new industry breakthrough. This round of the market so far, the new industry growth stocks continue to go beyond the traditional enterprise, it is certain that the new technology will continue to accelerate the industrialization of these leading enterprises will continue to spread the strong effect. A shares are the same, this year’s structural bull market is obvious, we expect this structural bull market will continue to develop. The first half of the year, with new energy automotive lithium battery material stocks + traditional branded consumer products (home appliances, liquor) as the core, the leading stock has hit a record high. Double this new industry + traditional industries driving characteristics, the recent change is to further deepen, the protagonist, new industry from semiconductor material stocks instead of lithium battery materials stocks, PPP investment theme instead of the traditional consumer goods brand. Look at the semiconductor material stocks, this is a new round of the new industrial revolution (automotive electronics, VR AR, artificial intelligence, networking and other support), the global semiconductor boom inflection point has become increasingly clear, industry giants first made a positive response, like NVIDIA (Ying Weida), AMD (ultra Granville), AMAT (Applied Materials) are has a breakthrough in 2007 highs, technology to form and maintain a strong upward trend reversal. The semiconductor industry is China’s strategic industries, the technological innovation system of the industry chain gradually improved, it ushered in a long period of large-scale investment, the direct benefit of the semiconductor materials and equipment is the most upstream, like seven electronics, Taiji industry, Shanghai Xinyang, South photoelectric etc.. The price trend of semiconductor material stocks is positive, early (5-7 months) break the long-term average (250 on average) to achieve reversal after a round of shrinking finishing, recently started in the medium-term moving average (60-120) location repeatedly to obtain support, this seems to be in a state copy quarter lithium material stocks in the market, the prosperity of the industry inflection point has been verified based on the re start a new round of rising prices greater probability. A new generation of information industry chain leading semiconductor materials, has good ductility, in addition to large cap core, purple dawn, long power technology, science and technology, science and technology in deep Alex Hua Tian semiconductor industry leading enterprises, as well as GoerTek shares, Hikvision, UOB shares netposa, Kymmene technology, Department of iFLYTEK involved in the field of artificial intelligence and networking advantages of enterprises. Industry fundamentals also have sufficient reason to support a new generation of information industry chain will become the core of the investment in the future for some time. Look at the "PPP" or "The Belt and Road" investment theme has also been macroeconomic support. On the whole, this year, the macroeconomic growth rate continued commitment相关的主题文章: