Children often have no reason to cry, do not worry may be due to the details – Sohu maternal and chi

Children often no reason to cry, don’t worry may be because the details about the Sohu the maternal | sensitive period, different children in different time, the key is whether the parents have a keen eye and a tolerance of the heart to understand. Po Po order sensitive period occurs in small classes last semester. During that time, I almost in a state of collapse,. In the morning, my mother has to wear clothes. If one day the two duties ganqiao, chaos, the goblins can not be happy, the first is a mood, then is the overwhelming rolling on; at school, must endorsement package home, although the teacher says to put the bag in the kindergarten. The results of a hurry, forgot to take. When I got home, sugar treasure suddenly remembered ten thousand bags are still in kindergarten, not happy, have to be back home, mom is a must; to open the door, open the door to greet your grandmother occasionally diligently, how can it?! Shut the door to let my mother to open; this is not the time to eat, must be their driver, if a father worried about burning in advance to her good sheng. The goblin does not appreciate it, to put the meal into a Pan Sheng myself again…… Such a thing beyond count. Our sugar daddy is impatient, and a little stubborn personality, how can we allow the goblins to stir up trouble, frequently shouted: "you are really unreasonable, standing in the wall to reflect!" Father and daughter war kicked off. Sugar treasure, of course, is not happy, resolutely resist: why not let me do this, I will do this, I think so!" Sugar daddy heard the more angry: "do what you want, you want to God?! You can’t do it today! I can’t get used to you!" Since then, our war never sleeps, and I found that more sugar daddy, sugar treasure against the more powerful! Later, I learned that the 2-4 year old children are in the order sensitive period, in the face of the place, location, space, time, order, ownership, habits and other order, with extremely demanding requirements! Do not underestimate the details of this growth, it is to teach children to understand the rules, rules critical period. In real life, adults will break the child’s order will make the child extremely unhappy, which will give the child a psychological insecurity. Order is as important to children as air! When he is satisfied, he will produce "natural happiness". So mom and Dad don’t regard it as "unreasonable" and "willful" ", and the children do not won’t listen to reason" to dry, do not order the destroyer of children. Remember to use force to suppress! Remember! Force will only let the children gather more resistance strength! However, this does not mean that a child’s temper. When the child’s order is disturbed and show emotional and behavior are not at that time, our parents should first do is to appease the mood to accept the children, for example you can hug or kiss, and children have empathy. After the emotional stability of the child, the child can give reason or transfer the child’s attention, etc., to guide their children through this sensitive period. – – -!相关的主题文章: