China will release the county platform bonds issued 10 days to cancel the ban yuanjiao

China will release 10 counties platform bonds ban period the abolition of exclusive | major: open platform bonds 10 day ban districts fully cancel the twenty-first Century economic report reporter exclusive report, September 2nd, interbank Dealers Association held the lead underwriter briefing. Announced the latest bond financing policy. The main contents include: 1, release the provincial capitals and cities under the county platform can be registered corporate bonds, debt financing instruments in accordance with the general municipal infrastructure enterprises, from five use restrictions; 2, infrastructure companies do not need to issue government documents and debt rate, underwriter and intermediaries need disclosed that registration documents; 3, grade AA (inclusive) above enterprises, the use of funds raised for the return of loans from financial institutions, credit bonds, including corporate bonds, trust, information management, financing and leasing. The meeting also mentioned that it can be used to repay loans from non financial institutions (such as current account). There are still some restrictions, not yet clear; 4, the abolition of the ban period. The original provisions for 10 days prior to maturity of the bonds shall not issue new debt, the total abolition of the restrictions; 5, the Real Estate Company’s constant access standards, is still AA (inclusive) above listed enterprises and state-owned enterprises, but registered varieties from the ticket to expand to other debt instruments; 6, grade AA (inclusive) above enterprise, Product Dealers Association of the development and Reform Commission, the exchange bond products with 40% lines. AA following full caliber calculations. It is important to note that the policy change is subject to the final documents or policies of the association. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: