China’s only access to the North Korean photographer has always been working huangshexiaoshuo

China only Korean photographer: the work permit always onlookers original title: image | shooting North Korea, in the end is what to shoot? As so far, only a Chinese for the North Korea government permission for filming Chinese artist, Wang Guofeng does not think he is a photographer, most of the time, he felt his role is more like a director, with the help of art, image or media and other media, to express the idea and thought of their own. Then go back, Wang Guofeng’s academic background is the Chinese Painting Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, after graduation, he felt the mood in the Song Yuan landscape is no longer the age of bearing heavy and deep, began out of ink from the dense disseminated, headlong into reality and history. Wang Guofeng, male, born in Liaoning in 1967. Chinese independent artists. Graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Representative works are "North Korea 2012", "Utopia" series of photographic works of art. He has been awarded the 2014 AAC artist photography artist of the year, and the award of the 2014 Moscow International Photography award. "Collective" and "report" in 2011, Wang Guofeng first came to North korea. He had never been to the country before. He and most Chinese people feel the same to North Korea, so different, but also exudes a kind of unavoidable familiarity. For the first time to North Korea, off the plane, the country left Wang Guofeng’s first impression is strange and familiar, intimate and alienated". At the airport, he did not see the visitors see streams of people busily coming and going, but uniform wearing yellow green uniforms, uniform style similar to the staff, they look very young, but slightly childish face was wearing uniform look solemn. Later, Wang Guo Feng learned that the airport staff are not these occupation soldiers, in fact, most of the country’s official occupation uniforms and uniforms similar. While sitting in the car from the airport to the hotel, a piece of scenery from the window of deja vu passing slowly, empty streets, pedestrians wearing grey and blue uniforms appear on huge banners and posters in the background, which made him feel a little trance. Before the first official trip to North Korea, Wang Guofeng has spent almost three years, through a variety of channels to communicate with the country. In China, Wang Guofeng is an independent artist, and does not belong to an official unit or group, he personally contact with North Korean officials. Wang Guofeng took his personal data and traveled to North Korea in the shooting schedule of all institutions, each department attitude towards him all is not the same, but the answer is no echo. Finally, through an informal channel accidently, by a friend, before Wang Guofeng sent a photograph of works and their idea to shoot, and got the approval. "Waiting is a kind of ordeal." Wang Guofeng told the China News weekly. In fact, the real presence of North Korea, the challenge has just begun. He was ordered to stay at the Korea hotel in Pyongyang相关的主题文章: