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Chowhound couples how to abuse a dog fancy? Look at their breakfast [the title] I can think of the most romantic thing, is to make breakfast for you every day… "I can think of the most romantic thing is to grow old with you. The way of little laughter, till then, sit the rocking chair, slowly… "… a song, I think we should have heard. Because of the busy work, it is very difficult for us to record our lives as we did before, and everyone seems to have found a new way to record breakfast. We purple cabbage, ginger, kiwi fruit, peach and tomato juice, rose Steamed Buns purple cabbage Potato Soup + purple cabbage juice made in our vegetarian planet buddy, there is such a couple, Mr. Lin and mrs.. Mrs. Lin cooks vegetarian breakfast every day. We mixed vegetables in Vietnam Spring rolls before marriage, Mrs. Lin is not a vegetarian. Vegetarian reason is Mrs. Lin’s father does not want to eat meat, so Mrs. Lin accompanied her dad. After Mini’s bread, she began to learn how to cook, to learn baking, and to buy a recipe for her mother to learn. You vegan cake Mr. Lin is not a vegetarian, for Mrs. Lin, Mr. Lin called her otherworldly. But this does not affect their feelings. We bear toast + watermelon fruit bowl shark, Watermelon Juice + double color taro sago with Mrs. Lin’s words is that they are crazy animal town Julie and Nick, herbivorous carnivorous rabbits and foxes, happy life together. Because of the influence of her mother, mrs.. She often gets up at half past six every day and spends an hour making breakfast for Mr. Lin. Such as bread, you will do well in the evening. France pitaya smoothie+ fruit toast Mrs. Lin will Bianzhuohuayang do every kind of nutritious breakfast, staple food and beverage + Vegetable & Fruit, as far as possible rich food types, so pure purple wreath bread Mrs. Lin has just started doing it for breakfast, Mr. Lin said he only love Steamed Buns. So Mrs. Lin had a week of fancy buns. "He is a very picky every meal casual" for Mrs. Lin do, Mr. Lin will praise. We mix vegetarian shred pork soba + mango passionfruit smoothie, coconut milk tea frozen Lin work every day after the market, will help buy the ingredients you need Mrs. Lin. We pack Papaya Soup + sauerkraut noodles every weekend, they are basically the entire family, go outside. So the elephant + colorful orange red dates quinoa millet rice and vegetable roll walnut porridge even if Mrs. Lin also did not forget to go out, Mr. Lin to stay at home for breakfast! So, cranberry beet grain purple sweet potato, there are three flavors of fennel bread "he will think I am too hard, sometimes I do not want to do. But I can’t accept my husband without breakfast!" Mrs. Lin said. (many sister silently eat dog food) we jam mixed vegetable salad + waist passionfruit chiffon, passionfruit mango juice, "what are you going to the forest first.相关的主题文章: