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Compromise! Yi Jianlian wearing the debut of Lining: players in the CBA does not have interest – Sohu news on a multi game of shoes, seems to be a full stop. The Guangdong men’s basketball team in late November 5th released an official statement: "Yi Jianlian Basketball Association will be in accordance with the regulations, in league play equipment specified, and has promised will comply with all relevant provisions." From Zhou Qi and Wang Zhelin in the social network "complaining" to "abandon the Basketball Association, Yi Jianlian shoes" to leave, to make the punishment for their basketball, basketball association, China League sponsors and personal equipment signing brands have been placed on public opinion in the teeth of the storm. Whether this is a "trade war", after the storm, the CBA should reflect on, how to ensure the rights and interests of sponsors to maximize at the same time, to meet Yi Jianlian who protect the body from injury claims. Is put on the sidelines of the shoes. Yi Jianlian: the Basketball Association misunderstood me for Yi Jianlian’s "abandoned shoe" leave the Basketball Association ticket is given for one match, subtract the Guangdong Hongyuan Club League funds 50 thousand yuan. But more importantly, to make outstanding contributions for the development of Chinese basketball players, basketball was a tough attitude: anyone can not engage in particular, Yi Jianlian serious derogatory image and the interests of the League sponsors. Yi Jianlian also admitted that this is a commercial brand behind the "war". But whether the association can have more humanized staff? My request is not the brand, but my foot problem." Yi Jianlian in the game against Liaoning before the men’s basketball team, appeared in the training ground on time, but he stressed the abandoned shoes behavior and brand unrelated. "I come back after let the club submitted a report, because my foot, hope to have a pair of special shoes to match. I have not put forward from A to Z basketball association with what to wear brand shoes. I just need to foot shoes must be special treatment, including the insoles are special." Yi Jianlian treatment of Achilles tendon injury. Liu Jia’s @ micro-blog maps according to Yi Jianlian, he just wants to wear shoes to avoid specific foot recurrence, and no mention of the brand must be replaced. In the application submitted by the Guangdong men’s basketball team, it is only referred to the non sponsor to develop the game shoes, and did not rule out other specific shoes provided by the sponsor. Yi Jianlian also accepted the "Yangcheng Evening News Interview explained that the association may be the wrong way. "I get feedback from the center of the basket that is not allowed to wear other brand shoes. This may be a little misunderstanding with me, resulting in the spread of bad influence." But Yi Jianlian also said: "we do not have their own interests in the league, we cooperate with the league, so that the league has a better development." Yi Jianlian abandoned shoes departure. Players really hurt, how to do? Commercial interests in this field in the end the storm shoes accounted for much, perhaps union sponsors the corresponding basket most clearly; but to return to the court, the player’s health problems, is really worth to take seriously the basketball association. After Yi Jianlian made a radical move, he said in an interview, "2010.相关的主题文章: