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Continuous heavy air pollution in Beijing this winter for the first time to start heavy pollution – Orange signal warning Beijing newspaper news (reporter Wang Bin) from today, the city will usher in three consecutive days of air pollution heavy weather. At present, the city has started heavy air pollution orange warning, which is also the first time this year, Beijing start heavy pollution orange police". During this period, primary schools, kindergartens to stop outdoor activities, the relevant enterprises should also implement emergency measures to limit production shutdown etc.. It is expected that this Sunday, by the strong cold air, air quality will gradually return to a good level. Yesterday morning, the city’s air quality in good to light pollution level. But at noon, the formation of North China regional haze. To 2 in the afternoon, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei plain area to form a high pollution zone southwest to northeast. As of 4 pm yesterday, the city’s most regions have reached the level of light pollution, moderate pollution in the southeast. Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center is expected today for three consecutive days, the weather in North China tends to be stable, the temperature will gradually rise, inversion enhancement, increased humidity, ground to southerly winds, weather conditions are not conducive to the overall diffusion of pollutants, there will be a regional air pollution process. 17, 18, 19, will reach the level of severe pollution of five. At 8:50 yesterday morning, Beijing heavy air pollution emergency command through the "Beijing environmental protection" micro-blog, start the message released ahead of the heavy air pollution warning: start the air 0 November 17th orange signal warning of heavy pollution. Why should early warning? Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau official said, on the one hand is to inform the public in advance, in order to make personal health protection; on the other hand is ahead of the implementation of emergency response measures to the relevant departments and units, to ensure that the measures can be put in place earlier, to play a role in reducing emissions, effectively reduce the accumulation of pollutants, the protection of public health. According to the Beijing heavy air pollution emergency plan, orange warning is a warning two measures, in the forecast of heavy air pollution will continue for 3 days (72 hours) to start. Recommended emergency measures, including primary and secondary schools, kindergartens to stop outdoor activities; in time to stop the car, reducing the idle speed of the vehicle in place, etc.. Tianjin joint law enforcement measures to deal with heavy air pollution for heavy air pollution orange signal warning response, yesterday morning, the Municipal Standing Committee and executive vice mayor Li Shixiang held a video conference deployment. Li Shixiang asked the Department in charge of comprehensive inspection of emergency measures for the implementation of strict law enforcement; law enforcement; public service should be in place, ensure the traffic capacity, service release information in a timely manner; the response to accept social supervision. Yesterday, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in accordance with the requirements of the plan, the organization of the city’s environmental protection system, to carry out law enforcement inspection, and urge the implementation of emergency measures to reduce emissions, severely punish environmental violations. In accordance with the Beijing, Tianjin and environmental law enforcement linkage mechanism requires Beijing, Tianjin linkage law enforcement. At the same time, the organization of environmental protection departments, to stop heating boiler, limited production enterprises as the focus, to carry out emergency law enforcement inspection. Joint urban management and other law enforcement agencies to investigate pollution of dust, incineration, barbecue, transportation and other illegal muck car. In addition, the city’s environmental protection department will be dispatched 9 groups during the day, Wan Shangbin相关的主题文章: