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Daqing enterprises in October 5th before the completion of commissioning began in October 10th October 10th after heating the original title: Daqing people are not afraid of cooling in the heating industry has basically met kaishuan heating conditions, October 5th before the completion of filling water pressure and debugging with this round of cooling is coming, my circle of friends are arguing with "inside than the outside cold", "wearing long johns Daqing evening news reporter," there is a good news to tell you, after 11 days, the people of Daqing do not have to be afraid of a cool, warm house right away. In September 28th, the city management committee held the "2016-2017 annual heating heating mobilization meeting", the reporter learned that, at present the city’s heating equipment maintenance schedule has reached more than 90%, coal reserves reached 42%, the heating industry has basically met kaishuan heating conditions. City Management Committee requirements, the city’s heating enterprises to quickly enter the state, to do all the preparatory work before the bolt. In October 5th before the completion of filling water pressure and debugging, to ensure safe, stable and high quality supply in October 10th. Facilities maintenance and good condition rate to 100% in early September, in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of heating accident, improve service level of the heating heating enterprises, the city management committee led the heating heating Office experts, to prepare for the heating before the open bolt were examined, the hidden rectification for supervision. During the heating period, a total of 394 security risks were found, the rectification has been completed, the completion rate of 73.1%, there are still not completed the rectification of the 106. By meeting the requirements of safety problems of the heating enterprises to find the last heating check for rectification, and take corresponding measures to the weak link all affect the heating security to solve, be sure to kaishuan heating problems before the completion of the rectification of all. Before the opening, the heating enterprises must ensure that the repair rate of 100%, heating facilities, good rate of up to 100%. In addition, under the premise of the protection of heating enterprises, according to the requirements of the boiler room to start desulfurization and denitrification equipment and ensure the normal operation of the device, there is absolutely not allowed to touch the root of the environmental protection heating enterprises". According to statistics, the current urban coal reserve rate reached 42%, can meet the needs of heating. Next, the city will continue to carry out the network transformation and merging, promoting the construction of small boilers and emergency pipeline heat fee relief work, to provide security for the winter heating. At least a week to carry out a measurement work is the city heating city heating Office received a total of 1693 complaints, compared with the same period last year fell 7.6%, the low rate of complaints is only 1.3 per thousand, the lowest for the calendar year. City Management Committee heating do clear requirements, the local heating departments and heating companies to publish supervision hotlines, service hotline and adhere to 24 hours on duty, timely report and record user complaints. At least once a week to carry out temperature measurement work, master the real situation of indoor heating users. Reporters learned from the meeting, the city’s heating management departments at all levels will be the whole process, all-round, full time supervision, for the inspection of the project failed to heat the enterprise and heating units, the proposed rectification proposals;相关的主题文章: