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SEO Small businesses looking to grow into larger companies face a changing marketing environment, one where a digital marketing company that knows its stuff is likely to have a bigger impact than any traditional advertising campaign. Visibility has always been key to attracting customers (if they dont know youre there, youre not likely to gain their business), but promotion and marketing used to be much simpler. Campaigns were centered on newspaper or magazine ads, radio spots, TV commercials and billboards. Companies dealt primarily with local customers and there really wasnt too much of a science to getting your business recognized. The web changed everything. Not just in terms of how you effectively market your business, but also in who you market to. Even local companies now often have a significant customer base that lives nowhere near them and many small businesses are now purely web-based ventures, with clients all over the world. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and social media sites like Facebook have a huge influence in directing traffic to your website. With global competition for customers, getting your small business visible to your customers is truly a science now. An online presence requires top rankings among the millions of web sites a Google search is likely to return, and that requires a digital marketing company that understands the science of search and how their results are calculated. Professionals like The SEO Agency (a search engine optimization pioneer) work closely with clients to develop a customized and effective SEO strategy. SEO is not any one thing. There are many consultants who will review a website and pepper it with key words in the hope that this will increase search engine rankings. Unfortunately, its not that easy. Increasing search engine rankings requires analysis, experience, the proper tools and the development of an organic growth strategy. Key words and key phrases do play a part in this, but they have to be carefully chosen and strategically placed. Attention must be paid to website design, including content, meta tags, hyper links and anchor text. Off-page optimization plays a very big role too and this requires carefully managed links from external web sites, including building a social media presence to attract customers from destinations like Facebook. For a small business, the web — and its global customer base — offers an opportunity for growth unlike anything weve seen before. It can also be frustrating, especially when you consider that the competition may include hundreds or thousands of web sites similar to yours. Partnering with an experienced SEO company can take you to the top of search engine results, ensuring your business stands out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: