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Health Flowers are, perhaps, one of the most beautiful types of life on the planet. Throughout history, flowers have been used as medicine for their healing properties. Flowers are still used today in this capacity as people increasingly demand homeopathic remedies that modern medicine cannot offer. Near the turn of the century, Dr. Edward Bach created several flower essences that would help heal holistically. Over the course of the last one hundred years, Bach’s work has been advanced by many different pioneers. There is no scientific reasoning behind why flower essences work; however, these essences represent a type of change in the thought of health care. They do not work directly on symptoms, but help our spirits to heal, which in turn, helps our bodies heal. Flower essences are made by finding the best and purest flowers. Flowers are gathered individually, infused with spring water, and eventually preserved in alcohol to create the essence. Before creating an essence, it is important to spiritually cleanse yourself, as you must listen to the language of nature to find the best flowers for the job. There are many different flower essences to choose, and it is important to make the right decision. .mon problems flower essences can be used to treat include emotional injuries like grief, abandonment, and anger. Essences, though, can also be used to stimulate spiritual growth, develop inner talents, improve your .munication skills, and develop richer intuition. Additionally, essences can be .bined for increased effectiveness. For example, essences can be .bined to help students focus, help ensure success in business, assist with relationships, and help heal your soul after tragedies like divorce and death. Rapa-nui helps to heal past life wounds and create wisdom. Pink hybrid flowers can help individuals to take joy in being alive. Purple orchid helps individuals examine deep inside their souls. Gulga helps to decide on life’s purpose and realign the soul with that purpose. Cedar gives stability and strength. Because different people can have different experiences with the same flower essence, most people can’t choose an essence simply by reading its description. While individuals who trust their intuition can choose the appropriate flower essence, others need to use applied energy dowsing to determine the appropriate essence. Flower essences can be used a number of different ways. The most traditional way to use them involves putting two drops under the tongue three times a day for a month. However, to increase the effectiveness of the essence, it can be taken more frequently. Flower essences, though, don’t have to be taken internally to be effective. Drops can be placed on pulse points or misted over the body or throughout the room with the same level of effectiveness. Some have found their sensitivity so great to flower essences that simply carrying a glass bottle containing the essence will help. Others wear necklaces of glass beads filled with the appropriate essence. Those who are sensitive to the alcohol used to preserve flower essences can use the essence externally, in the methods listed above, or can dissolve the essence in a hot beverage, causing the alcohol to evaporate. Perhaps the most powerful way to use flower essences is just before meditation. Various types of meditation, .bined with the correct dosage and type of essence will improve its power. One method is to take a drop of essence under your tongue and sit .fortable. Be.e aware of your breathing, and then be.e aware of your thoughts. The essence will excite your deepest thoughts and feelings. You should be a simple observer in this process. Don’t judge your thoughts and feelings, just consider them. If you find an interesting or powerful thought, go as far as you can with it. Once you be.e un.fortable, let it go, and move on to the next thought. When you feel ready, open both eyes, and you will feel reinvigorated. It might be helpful to keep a journal to track your progress. Because healing is a slow process, you might not realize how much better you feel until you review your journal entries. As you journal be sure to keep track of your thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Different flower essences can result in different dreams. For example, the Peruvian orchid can cause incredibly vivid dreams and images. You don’t have to be concerned about taking the wrong essence or overdosing on an essence. An essence may not do any good, but it certainly won’t do any harm. Moreover, flower essences are .pletely safe. They will not react with any medications or any foods you are eating. Essences are for personal and spiritual growth only. It is important to understand that they are not to be used to treat any medical or psychological condition. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: