Do not let the history of the old people’s livelihood becomes dead 3u8813

Do not let the history of the old people’s livelihood becomes "dead" because of intolerable pungent odor and wearing masks in class, less than two years surrounding the three explosion occurred, the fire accident, like sitting on a volcano crater…… If you are a parent, would you let your child go to a school like this? The answer is self-evident. This scene is truly happened in the game of ten years of Shandong second in Licheng District of Ji’nan middle school and Qilu pharmaceutical company in. Every year, Qilu pharmaceutical complaints hundreds of times, but each time the test is qualified; the municipal government held a special meeting decided to move Qilu pharmaceutical, but the implementation of slow. People can not help but ask: what is it that makes this legacy so stubborn? For such a long time, why not use legal means to apply for court enforcement? Although the problem has begun to break the ice, but in many parents anxiously waiting, we found that there are many lessons worth pondering. Licheng II and Qilu pharmaceutical ten years of resentment, dramatic interpretation of the city and the conflict of interests in the process of industrialization, has both historical causes like a mess, and the bottleneck of governance leadership rendered ineffectual by recalcitrant subordinates. To solve this historical problem, the dilemma is obvious. The surface, the two units in the "top cow", go deep in the two people’s choice is. For a city, education and the environment is the people’s livelihood, production and employment is also the livelihood of the people. Strictly speaking, there is no difference between the two kinds of people’s livelihood, only to take into account each other. Everyone knows that at present the best solution is to move out of the two families. However, the interests of the complex and tangled. The relocation of Qilu pharmaceutical, not only to consider the time, capital, land, personnel placement, moved to the area of environmental protection also suffered NIMBY; the relocation of Licheng II, also have the problem of personnel placement, investment funds, but also the impact of the enrollment rate. Is there a final plan, gather the common denominator, to ensure that the school and the pharmaceutical factory in the interests of both sides, this is a test of courage, wisdom and value of the local government order. Have to say, and the problem of Qilu pharmaceutical Licheng II ten years pending, probably with the new government to ignore the old account of a great relationship. In fact, for every new leader, not only to take power, but also to answer the problem, set up the "grasping the historical issues is to grasp the correct concept of development, resolving historical issues is also a performance, to not afraid of hard, not afraid of disorderly manner to meet the tasks and solve problems. Because of, can handle the "score", not only affect the image of the local Party committee and government and the development environment, but also public support. Do not let the history of "old" into "dead people’s livelihood". No matter how difficult the problem will eventually be solved, but the process will not be flat. Crack the problem left over by history, the responsibility to act as a catalyst. According to the teachers and students reflect Licheng II, did not implement the relocation of the campus, the smell is still great, that afternoon of October 7th at the campus choir competition had to be cancelled. The idea is good, but also to nail the spirit of grasping it, ensure the implementation in place, otherwise just empty ideas, hard to see results.相关的主题文章: