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UnCategorized When you think of the different HVAC systems in your home, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, you might not realize all that it entails. Do you know that drains are an important part of the ventilation process and can be harmful to any system in the house if they’re not working properly? Drains do drain water, but drains are also available to vent systems of an appliance or provide a safety release in case there is an emergency water flow that needs to go out. A professional HVAC technician will be able to check the drains and offer any cleaning for them in order to keep all of your systems running smoothly and without any incidents. The Drains in the Units The biggest system in your house to use a drain that belongs under the HVAC umbrella is the air conditioning unit. Do you see a tube that runs in the house to the AC unit outside? It makes sense, since the air conditioning in the house works to keep the house cool by removing humidity from the air. Where does that humidity go when it is pulled from the air through the cold air return? The moisture is pulled out through a drain. What happens when that drain gets clogged? You have serious issues with your AC unit. The drain on every pipe needs to be checked often to make sure they are open and free to drain. When you know this about your sink, your toilet, and even the bath tub, why don’t you consider it for the tube in your AC unit as well? Most people don’t because they don’t even realize it exists. That is also another reason why it is important to have routine checks on the air conditioner and the furnace before the start of each season. The professional will know to look at the tube and pipe and make sure there isn’t a clog to clear. What Causes Clogs? There are a lot of different reasons why an AC drain might get plugged. Even though it appears to be a closed line, it isn’t. The air that gets pulled into the system, and cooled, might contain dust or even elements in the water that can cause blockages. The moisture has minerals and particles in it just like the water we drink and the water that moves through all of the other systems in the house. As it travels through the pipes and tubes, the minerals can get stuck around the bends or deposited where they come to rest for a while. Deposits will naturally happen over time and get worse as the years go by. It is only natural, so don’t feel like you have a messier home than someone else. Cleaning out the drains can be as simple as flushing them out with an air compressor or something else with a lot of pressure and velocity to blow the buildup. When an air compressor is not available, a snake tool can also do the trick so that the buildup gets pushed out of the way. Handling a buildup is much easier than repairing the damage from a clogged drain. Make an AC drain inspection part of your normal yearly routine by a professional so you aren’t surprised with a problem down the road. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: