Ecological protection results in Shennongjia south of Beijing – Crane rosstallanma

Ecological protection results in Shennongjia south of new network in Wuhan Xinhua crane – 2 November Xinhua (reporter Tan Yuanbin) Shennongjia National Park 1 found a lone South crane, which is considered to be a strong evidence of effectiveness of ecological protection in Shennongjia. Crane is the two national key protected wild animal, like the Red Crowned Crane, has moved to the south in autumn and winter wintering habits. According to the wild animal protection personnel on-site observation and inspection of the crane, rescued for sub adult individuals, with no obvious scar, but weak, difficult to walk. The protection of personnel in the crane stabilize mood, it will be sent to the animal rescue station, take up the food further rescue measures. Analysis of the Shennongjia National Park Administration Research Institute director Yang Jingyuan, a wide range of rain and fog weather including Shennongjia, central and western regions recently, may be moved to the south in the process of cranes, stopping nine Lake wetland, by fog weather, flight, individual discrete foraging deficiencies, weak. It is understood that living in the Russian Far East and Northeast China crane, year south wintering mainly through the Korean Peninsula and China’s Yangtze River in the East, two lines, the appearance is very rare in Shennongjia. The crane is a large Raptor, migration destination and wetland for recreational pursuit foraging during migration is the best choice." Deputy director of the Shennongjia National Park Administration Wang Wenhua said, in 1970s, Shennongjia had nine Lake crane activities, later because of the continuing human reclamation and lead to loss of wetlands, migratory cranes and fewer stops. In 2006, the big nine Lake Wetland Park, the full implementation of ecological restoration and wetland protection, returning farmland to Lake and grass, ecological migration, reproduction, Shuiguang glittering lush preserved wetland ecology, migratory birds stop providing superior natural conditions. This view by the Shennongjia National Park Management Office nine Lake cypress Qian community residents that they reflect in recent days in the big nine lake near the valley and found a number of cranes. In order to ensure the safety of the crane moved south, has dispatched personnel departments in Shennongjia in 1, the National Park Service Nature Reserve, a wide range of search needs to rescue the cranes.相关的主题文章: