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Evening news: B station money, enter the CBA naming the Shanghai men’s basketball team TeX to maintain good evening friends yo ~ can be considered until Friday, I had heard a small notebook, TV animation in calling me ~ ~ hey up some anger over the weekend to refresh in hi before we take a look at today’s news. Tesla Model X for the first two days of the Tesla, Tesla has just announced that the sale of the entry-level ModelX60D electric car, but the car also listed only three months. So what is the reason for the Tesla car so short-lived it? Tesla side said: this car endurance capacity is insufficient, consumers still want to have a longer endurance electric vehicles." All right, let’s see, the ModelX60D is priced at $75000, with a 75kWh battery pack, which is artificially limited to about 200 miles (about $260). The remaining 60 miles to pay an additional $9500 to open. This…… Spend the money does not buy a more high profile car ~LOL said to XP No do not know computer systems still use XP buddy much, just recently announced a new fist "hero alliance" will stop supporting the Windows XP Service Pack in November 2016 and the following version 2. This means that if you do not update the system cannot continue to happy Lu ~ words before the apple used to listen to colleagues Tucao can not play the nouveau riche "sword net three" what, now even XP not Lu…… Really heart plug…… Shanghai BiliBili basketball team favorite basketball buddies must know the CBA once again started the new season, there will be a familiar site to embark on the journey of this 2016-2017 season games. That is the B station, as the team’s new title, the name of the new season of the Shanghai men’s basketball team is the original "Shanghai Maxxis" renamed "Shanghai BiliBili basketball team". B station is really more money ~ but after I read silently read the name, still feel there are inexplicable sense of joy ah ~ but before Houston in the United States at NBA in the preseason, the Shanghai team against the Houston Rockets have crossed with "BiliBili (BiliBili)" signs. I want to know when the Rockets have wood has wondered what is this title ah ha ha ha ~ finally let us say millet Lei Jun ~ interpretation of millet ecological and commercial mode in yesterday’s 2016 Chinese (Sichuan) e-commerce site development summit, Lei ecological and business models on the interpretation of millet, in response to the the outside world has been on Millet some doubts. For example, millet is so cheap to sell this point of hate. It is said that people do products are in order to earn money to sell high priced mobile phone millet can do, the opposite happens, the industry is certainly not happy ~ Lei Jun said this: that hatred is not the fundamental purpose, the aim is to promote the overall efficiency of the industry. For example, a year ago, millet began the strip, the product release 6 months after the discovery of domestic.相关的主题文章: