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Face the "eight problems" car reform of state-owned Sohu (the revival of automobile Economic Observer Wang Guoxin Liu Xiaolin Song Xi) is located in the northeast of Liaoning brilliance group in late August quietly announced a new change. Auto Jinbei listed companies brilliance group’s recently announced that the 11 positions the company chairman Qi Yumin from the chairman, including gold, at the same time, there are a large number of changes in management positions. For this adjustment, a little outside unknown so, almost thought that Qi Yumin will be removed from the. But the truth is, the brilliance of the group once again to promote internal reform. According to regulations, the current state owned leading cadres should not be more than three part-time, and clean up the implementation of the country. But when Qi Yumin took over the brilliance of the time, the position once more to dazzling. "Farewell to the brilliance ‘heroism era’, when the enterprise gradually become mature, more is the need of the system and mechanism of driving force." In an interview in April this year, Qi Yumin told the Economic Observer newspaper reporter said. In fact, at the end of last year, Qi Yumin had been removed the brilliance of the group general manager. Qi Yumin in an interview with the Economic Observer newspaper reporter said that in the "13th Five-Year" period, brilliance group will be carried out two major reforms: the first one is to build a system of mixed ownership reform; secondly, the management team to complete assessment system optimization, construction of leading cadre and excellent staff. The brilliance as a key state-owned enterprises in Liaoning Province, this reform is not enough. According to the Economic Observer newspaper reporter received the news, early goal of the reform is to complete the brilliance group property review, the establishment of modern enterprise system, and achieve the overall market. Later, in accordance with the unified plan of Liaoning Province, the establishment of state-owned company capital investment may brilliance, but this has not been officially confirmed brilliance. In addition to the recent brilliance auto, Changan automobile is also in the reform of state-owned assets on a new attempt. Since 2009, after the Chinese Changan automobile group was established, the whole Changan car listing plan has not set aside, in recent years, Changan has all its cars, commercial vehicles, mini car, SUV, special vehicle and auto parts all assets into the late establishment of the Changan PSA has entered the listed companies, the overall market is almost complete. Under this background, Changan issued equity incentive plan, in August 2nd this year, the equity incentive matters by the State Council approved by the SASAC, the Changan automobile has become the first implementation of the 2006 reform shareholder commitment to the implementation of equity incentive central holding enterprises of automobile enterprises. In addition to the equity incentive as a first step in the reform of mixed ownership, Changan is also exploring the promotion of subsidiary market. Prior to this, Changan is also a strategic stake in Chongqing automobile finance company. A new round of national reform is a bottom-up, market-oriented reform. 2016 SOE reform around the implementation of the two word expansion. Since late June, the policy to accelerate the central enterprises to start the pilot, from the central to local, the country is expected to deepen reform, set off a new wave. Reform of the automotive industry is also bright spot. Because of the characteristics of the automotive industry, the reform of state-owned enterprises in the automotive industry相关的主题文章: