Fashion .parison Between Princess Diana And Kate Middleton-66814

Fashion-Style British Royalty will have a century wedding that Prince William will marry the .moner Kate Middleton. Facing this new fairy tale of Prince and Cinderella, people keep suspicious. Just because in 30 years ago, Diana, the mother of Prince William also the former princess of Wales once presented a similar fairy tale to the world. But the reality ended this fairy tale cruelly together with her life. Actually, Diana’s story should rather be called as legendary than the end of a fairy tale. Her taste, fashion style, behavior as well as her kindness let "Diana" became a synonym of British princess. As the second generation "Cinderella princess", can Kate Middleton transcend Diana, or be.e the second Diana? Even for wedding dresses, will Kate bring surprise to everyone? We just do not know the answer. But, at least in fashion, we have seen Kate Middleton’s transformation from the girl wearing jerseys, growing into the elegant lady. Kate is the copy of Dianas classic and elegant fashion style with giving up her girl next to door personality. Diana is lovely because she is Diana. But Kate still needs to find herself from the princess’s identity. Gorgeous red and black collisions Eye-catching gorgeous red and black collisions are Diana favorite. Kate seems to get inspiration from Diana. But Dianas broadly H shape shoulder style is not suitable for Kate figure, close-fitting accept waist style is Kate dishes. Classic matching of black and white Black and white is the most classic most formal mode, basically won’t go wrong. Diana was good at manage white and black very well. The similar dressing let Kate get rid of her immature character to appear dignified and confident. Elegant royal blue Blue is the colour of European royalty, noble and grave, also happened to cooperate with the Diana’s blond and smoothly added her a few charm. And in order to appear in solemn ceremonies and engagement, Kate also choose dark blue suit or similar dresses for quite several times, but turned to be aged because of too inflexible style and brown hair. Hat winning Hat culture in Britain has a very long history tradition. A hat is not only a kind of indispensable accessories for lady, according to the noble tradition; hat is also symbolic to social identity. Kate also prefers hats like Diana. The accessory let her be.e chic immediately from ordinary dressing up. See how that Diana wore! Say no to conservative Enter the royal was conservative first? Diana’s answer is: the style and dignified, detail design feeling, bold colors pursuit, pattern in wide range. She wore a suit of bright ball pattern when visiting Japan really shocked people. But now it had be.e one of her icon. Have own fashion style Why can Diana be.e fashion idol? Not because she had too many clothing, but because she knows how to establish her own style. Find the suitable for dressing, and continue decades keeping for her hairstyle instead of chasing the trend. Don’t lose yourself Princess is one of the royalty decorations? Diana said, no. Princess is not a Barbie but has her own personality. Except for suits at formal occasions, we can see her personality from different fashion. Agile, simple, boyish, sunshine, sports… Princess is also a human being with emotion like ordinary people. Thats why we all like Diana. Last but not least, we would like to say: Kat, blind imitation can not be Diana. Only wearing with own personality can make you a fashion Icon. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: