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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Fathers Day gifts are not the usual shirts, ties, watches and pens anymore. They have undergone a major change. Nowadays, Fathers Day gifts include hot air balloon rides, rally racing, fast boat rides, V8 race experience, gift baskets and so on. Is your father an adventure seeker? Are you looking around for an exciting gift package for him? How about skydiving? Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? Even your father will be thrilled if you give him a skydiving package as a gift on Father’s Day provided his nerves are made of steel and he is a confident person and has loads of bravado if he has to jump 10,000 feet while being harnessed to an experienced tutor. No doubt, falling freely in the sky for 30 heart stopping seconds gives one the opportunity to experience how it feels to fly like a bird before the parachute is opened by the instructor and one floats back gently to the ground. An indoor experience of skydiving flight involves freefall skydiving where one need not jump from a machine. The sport is also known as body flying and it is a relatively new activity. It is easier and cheaper to learn. Such Father’s Day gifts would be safe and cheaper as opposed to a package of regular skydive, not dependent on the weather and one will also get plenty of free time. Wouldn’t it be the perfect adrenaline pumping adventure? Many firms dealing in indoor skydiving boast of wind tunnel installations having diameters of 14 feet and a highflying chamber that has a height of 39 feet. If you give your father such an experience he will not be able to bless you enough to give him a chance to fly through the sky and .e back safely to the ground. One could also shoot the experience and have it on DVD which would allow one’s father to relive the delightful moments again and again and also to have a picture of one’s dad flying, above the fireplace at home. One could also jump along with one’s father and cherish the memory for a lifetime. Such Fathers Day gifts would make heroes out of dads amongst their friends. They would have something to talk and boast of for a long-time. They would be able to tell their grandchildren how they dived in the sky fearlessly much to the amazement of the children. One has to be in the right shape when it .es to fitness and health in order to enjoy a thrilling indoor or outdoor skydiving flight. One should not have a history of heart, neck or back problems or disorders. One will have to consult one’s doctor before one decides to buckle up for a white knuckle journey. The maximum weight of a person who wishes to skydive has to be 18 stone or 114kg. Many people with disabilities also enjoy indoor skydiving. Firms that are involved in skydiving try their best to help such people to fly so that they too could feel the exhilarating experience. One will have to get in touch with their customer services in order to discuss particular needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: