First aid is the biggest value in promoting emergency training 9c8836

"Emergency exemption" maximum value in promoting the first aid training for Pan Hongqi commentary authors can ensure the rescue effect, and ensure optimal rescue time, the most important, the most feasible way is to popularize first aid skills training, to participate in the emergency personnel have received professional skills training, to carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation, hemostatic bandage, fixed handling and other basic operations, but not at the scene of an emergency rush foolhardy blind treatment. "Shanghai City Emergency Medical Service Ordinance" was officially implemented recently, the regulations in the "social emergency" chapter, emergency ambulance conduct site protected by law, causing damage to the patient, do not assume legal responsibility according to law. For the first time in the country to make the first aid free of charge for the public to participate in social emergency relief worries, this local regulations by public opinion as the good man". But at the same time, some people worry that the full disclaimer may encourage some do not understand the first aid treatment leads to blind foolhardy, kindly. The implementation of professional medical personnel and medical institutions of pre hospital first aid, social aid is an emergency rescue by the implementation of social organizations and individuals, "social emergency exemption" is a major part of Shanghai City, the "Regulations", is also the most controversial. Previously, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other provisions of the corresponding regulations, encourage the emergency professional skills of personnel to carry out the social emergency, the emergency rescue behavior is protected by law, and Shanghai’s "Regulations" have both encouraged citizens to first aid skills to implement emergency ambulance scene, also encourage the general public to carry out emergency rescue "in medical emergency command the dispatching personnel under the guidance, can also carry out emergency assistance" according to the site, even does not have the skills of the public, can also implement emergency ambulance scene, if damage to the patient, do not undertake the legal liability according to law. Do not have the first aid skills of personnel to carry out the emergency ambulance scene, may indeed be foolhardy blind treatment, not only to achieve the first-aid effect, but may increase the patient’s condition. Shanghai’s regulations to encourage and provide legal protection for this behavior, this is not a small breakthrough, it is easy to understand. However, from the point of view of emergency relief, this breakthrough is not difficult to understand. Emergency rescue is facing the most pressing problems, time is urgent, urgent, such as cardiac arrest patients, the best rescue time is only five or six minutes, if health care professionals can not be rushed to the scene again, and did not have first aid skills of the staff do not have first aid skills personnel according to the scene to carry out emergency relief, it should be a "two evils" secondary selection. With a senior emergency the doctor said, "in many cases a person down, do not save, have a chance to save, there are some opportunities, so we must advocate (social rescue and rescue exemption)". On the basis of encouragement and protection of sub optimal selection, can we not only strive to maximize the effectiveness of the rescue, but also to maximize the best time to ensure the rescue? Of course, the most professional emergency medical personnel to protect the relief effect, but the traffic conditions in the city today, the medical staff rushed to the scene is often difficult within the best rescue time, so the needs of social and individual personnel before medical personnel arrived, the implementation of the necessary emergency treatment for patients]相关的主题文章: