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Foreign media attention to the North Korean football: football schools strive to Cultivate Elite – Beijing Reference News Network November 27 news media said, the Korean national team is currently the FIFA ranking of 126. Before they were in Armenia, the 127th place was Ethiopia. South Korea (44) and Japan (51), ranking far north korea. Even China team down now, but still ranked eighty-fourth. Voice of Germany radio station website in November 20th to the next Messi North Korea? "In the title of the report said, for Pyongyang, the achievement of competitive sports is a very effective propaganda tool. In 2013, the Pyongyang international football school. Li Yuri, the coach, led the Agence France-Presse reporter to visit the school. He said: "we are making the Academy into a super player, they will be more than the technology of players such as Messi. Now our goal is to dominate Asia, we are going to dominate world football." Reported that North Korea has a few times in the history of football flash moment. The most famous one in 1966, the Korean team 1:0 upset victory over the enemies of Italy, all the way to the finals of the World Cup quarter finals; the final in 14 finals, has lost to the very influential black panther Eusebio portugal. However, North Korea’s most recent appearance in the world cup, it is in South Africa in 2010. 44 years later, this mysterious division failed to reproduce the dark color, group phase three ink, go home. Reported that the development of Messi’s super players in general, is not an overnight effort. At the football school, there are about 200 students in the boarding school, between the ages of 9 and 15, of which the number is about 40%. Most of the training content and other countries do not have what two things; of course there are some rich Korean style projects, for example, these children are arranged in a dense formation, follow the rhythm of the music practice, tentatively called "on pellet gymnastics". In addition to football training, the students also need to sit in the classroom to attend cultural courses, classroom leaders portrait hanging on the wall. Into the football school competition is very fierce, and after entering the school, every year a certain number of students will be eliminated. To persist the students, the best result is able to enter the national team, can get the chance to Liuyang player is very rare. North Korea’s national team coach Anderson told the Agence France-Presse that while Pyongyang’s soccer schools are training hard, the students will not suddenly become a global superstar. He said: "I don’t think they can make Messi, but they can train the best players in asia……. They have a lot of talented players, but they have to stay at home and not go abroad." Anderson stressed that the players need to experience the European football environment, the latter is better, more exercise people". At present, the Korean football club does not participate in the AFC organised AFC Champions League League and other international competitions. Moreover, there are only 11 teams in the league, and only a few hundred spectators in a game. It can be said that the North Korean football"相关的主题文章: