Fu Jiajun lost but I didn’t make a mistake-lightscape

Fu Jiajun: I didn’t lose helpless opponent what mistakes too well Fu Jiajun lost the sina sports news Beijing time on September 19th, the 2016 World Snooker Shanghai masters kicked off. In the first round of the competition, Fu Jiajun in the situation more than 4 to 2 lead did not chase, eventually to 4 than 5 lost to Gilbert, early exit. After the game, Fu Jiajun some helpless tone escaped from the microphone, a few times playing bad will win, play well will lose." Fu Jiajun in the game was 4 to 2 with a match point, when people think that his victory, but Gilbert broke out "the power", he doggedly won three straight victories, staged a reversal of a scene. Turning to the reversal of the process, Fu Jiajun admitted that his performance was pretty good, the opponent played very well, I did not make any mistakes, the first few innings I knocked out a ball, 3 to 1 lead. After that, he played two shots over a hundred, I do not know why he can play the ball over a hundred, I did not make any mistakes, he played a very difficult ball two. The last is the same, I’m not what mistakes, better anti defense, a hard hitting ball scored. I think I played very well today, but the opponents played better than me." For Fu Jiajun, this is a kind of feeling? He obviously played well, but still difficult to open up the door, he thought to instantly said: "some time did not play a good win, will lose playing very well, but this is rarely the case, usually played a good case can win, but it’s hard to say." This is Fu Jiajun in the new season’s official debut, though so far, he in this field have not been able to make the appearance of the record in this year’s World Championships, "I have two months did not play, also participated in some small game, but did not play well, I hope I can have a rest after the contest. This game I attach great importance to spend a lot of time to practice the ball. I am more satisfied with their own play, it should be no problem." He likes Shanghai and loves the game, but he seems to be in a "spell", "I want to start a new season with a game that I like very much. So many years, I do not know why, I lost some games, some games may be able to win a ball, but I do not know why it is not playing, opponents play very well. But I like Shanghai very much, but it’s a pity that I haven’t got good grades for so many years." Adjust the mentality, Fu Jiajun back on the road, I hope to get back as soon as possible." Gilbert, who won the victory over Fu Jiajun, took part in a press conference after the game. At first, the opponent played very well, it is possible to win the game, but then I win, I am satisfied with their performance. In my 3 to 4 behind, if the opponent scored yellow ball, then he is likely to more than 5 to 3 win, I look back at the game now, at the end of the game I can sure win, from the process point of view, both sides are playing well, this is a very good the game." Last year the international championship, Gilbert scored the final final defeat to Higgins, but the runner up prize for that time just)相关的主题文章: