Fu Yuanhui participated in the reality show, she also want to be a star ssdao

Fu Yuanhui participated in the reality show, she also want to be a star? [Abstract] the athlete’s fire, indeed let us pay more attention to sports, sports and athletes, which is the development of China’s sports industry and the promotion of national fitness is very favorable. I know miss the commencement, is that most of the female students understand entertainment! Little attention to understand the WeChat entdong more gossip together to chat! Although the Olympic Games have ended, but Chinese athletes of the heat continues unabated. In recent days, the Olympic athletes delegation to Hongkong Macao Championship matches again attracted fancy users. Whether it is table tennis Corps Zhang Jike "personal" teach Malone "turn" the ball ball, or using a mobile phone, or play badminton racket, the diving team Domino serial diving, gave everyone left a deep impression. But to say that the highest possible heat, or "primitive girl" Fu Yuanhui. In Hongkong, Fu Yuanhui bite sun Yang Jianbang, jumped up and the audience on the audience clapping scenes also poked the netizens adorable, but her pure and lovely personality makes her very popular in the athlete group. During the trip to Hongkong, "philately girl" Fu Yuanhui drying out of her and the Olympic Games are a popular king – Malone, Zhang Jike, Sun Yang, Long Qingquan, Lin Dan, is out of the ordinary, no fans crying "robbed the husband" Fu Yuanhui’s comments, but Fu Yuanhui finally said in the "expansion" the harem, netizens love of Fu ye have reached such levels. From the women’s 100 meter backstroke semifinals with red burst up to now, Fu Yuanhui this does not follow the routine play athletes, has become a "atypical" red net. In the interview, she blurted out "the power" and "I swim so fast, I have been very satisfied" to become the National hot words. Before her play the swimsuit, find the music fountain and prize funny expression were all gravedigger, netizens on the expression character cheerful, funny girl exalting. But the public’s attention revolves around her, and the controversy continues. After Fu Yuanhui became popular, was arranged in the team on micro-blog advertising". Do not take the unusual way of Fu Yuanhui, but also issued a micro-blog advertising, said he did not want to commercialize, advertising is the team requirements. But yesterday, do not want to commercial Fu Yuanhui caused controversy. Once publicly said that do not want to be the star of Fu Yuanhui, to accept the famous explorer, host to her challenge to the Lord, suspected of being a reality show. This move will make people confused, I do not do a star in the reality show, this is not "face"? In fact, this is a network of small understand that holding up the girl and we do not see so shallow. After reading her little interview, found that this is only 20 years old girl is actually a deep philosopher, a thorough understanding of life. After the noisy, Fu Yuanhui also keep a clear mind, probably is not what we imagined while the high popularity of fishing gold laity. In an interview with CCTV, Fu Yuanhui said he was "explosive red" this matter is actually very regret". If she could come back, she might never say that again. In the face of their own heat, Fu Yuanhui also table.相关的主题文章: