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Fuzhou 25, the implementation of unified registration of immovable property implementation details will be published September 24th Fuzhou evening news news (chief reporter Qi Fen) in September 18th, the newspaper reported that in September 25th our city to implement the unified registration of immovable property information, interpretation of the relevant policy and city housing registration center. In recent days, this newspaper has received some readers’ help seeking questions. Reporters forwarded questions to the city housing registration center, the relevant person to answer. Q: my property certificate lost, how to re submit? Answer: according to the law, to make a statement in the newspaper, at the same time in the city housing registration center (25, renamed the city real estate registration and trading center) website publicity. The newspaper before, first to the center of the loss. There is no objection, the newspaper website publicity within 3 months, the city housing registration center to fill permit. Note that, in the premise that "no bank loans". If you have a loan, you must first go to the bank to get the letter of understanding. Q: only the original of all housing, no land certificate, how to handle the land certificate after September 25th? Answer: if the land permits for the policy, but did not register on time after September 25th, land permits, center the direct exchange of real property right certificate, together with the housing and land registration information in the above, and then recover all of the housing. Q: my house has been bought for a long time. What effect will it have if I haven’t done land certificate? Answer: if property right person needs, can hold house all right, identity card and other materials to apply for real estate certificate, registration of land information. Q: what certificates do you need for real estate warrants? Answer: according to your real estate category, nature, each business type has the corresponding application material. The formal implementation in September 25th unified registration of immovable property, business hall to consultation, or login Fuzhou City real estate registration and trading center website (WeChat), public number (Fuzhou City real estate registration and trading center) query application materials, procedures, work time etc.. At present, the website and official micro can not query. From 25 onwards, the real estate registration and trading center has two processing points: Real Estate complex building management point (Fuk Island Road 200, advisory telephone 87525468); public service center processing point (Gaoqiao Road 69, advisory telephone 87721639). Q: I bought a house for a long time, the real estate card has not yet been implemented, the implementation of unified registration of real estate after what impact? Answer: specific policies, implementation rules and so on tomorrow will come out. It is not known what materials should be prepared for the accreditation, and there is no way to answer whether it has any effect.

福州25日起实施不动产统一登记 实施细则将出台   福州晚报9月24日讯(首席记者 綦芬)9月18日,本报报道了我市城区9月25日起实施不动产统一登记的消息,以及市房屋登记中心的相关政策解读。连日来,本报陆续收到一些读者的求助问题。记者将问题转发给市房屋登记中心,有关人士进行解答。   问:我的产权证丢失,如何补办?   答:按照法律规定,要登报声明,同时在市房屋登记中心(25日起更名为市不动产登记和交易中心)网站上公示。登报之前,先到该中心挂失。登报、网站公示3个月内没有异议的,市房屋登记中心才予以补证。需要注意的是,登报的前提是“有无银行贷款”。如有贷款,要先到银行开知晓函。   问:原来只有房屋所有权证,没有土地证,9月25日后如何办理土地证?   答:如果符合土地证办理的政策,但当时未及时登记,9月25日后办理土地证,中心就直接换不动产权证书,连同房屋和土地的信息都登记在上面,然后收回房屋所有权证。   问:我的房子买了挺久了,还没办土地证会有什么影响吗?   答:如果产权人有需要,可持房屋所有权证、身份证等材料申请办理不动产权证书,进行土地信息登记。   问:办理不动产权证需要什么证件?   答:根据你的不动产类别、性质,各业务类型有相应的申请材料。具体可在9月25日正式实施不动产统一登记后,前往办事大厅咨询,或者登录福州市不动产登记和交易中心官网()、微信公众号(福州市不动产登记和交易中心)查询申请材料、办事程序、办事时限等。目前,网站和官微还不能查询。   25日起,不动产登记和交易中心设有两个办理点:房地产综合大楼办理点(福屿路200号,咨询电话87525468);市民服务中心办理点(高桥路69号,咨询电话87721639)。   问:我的房子买了挺久,房产证还没办,实施不动产统一登记后有什么影响吗?   答:具体政策、实施细则要等明天才能出来。目前还不知道办证要准备什么材料,没办法回答有没有影响。相关的主题文章: