Fuzhou Mawei city ahead of the completion of key projects resettlement housing monomer acceptance bloxorz

Fuzhou Mawei early completion of resettlement housing municipal crucial projects monomer acceptance of Fuzhou News Network (micro-blog) November 20th news (Fuzhou Daily reporter correspondent Lin Luoyu (micro-blog) Zhang Weijiang super cloud) reporter yesterday learned from Mawei District, municipal hundred days crucial action project — Langqi Economic Zone C plots (Minjiang garden) shantytowns resettlement the housing has 18 successfully completed single acceptance, compared to the original plan completed 42 days ahead of the hundred days crucial goal. "Minjiang Langqi Jiayuan housing project construction scope, procedures, time is tight, in order to promote the progress of construction, the company has repeatedly called the construction and supervision units to develop their own alternate construction node plan prompted the parties to reach a consensus. At the same time also set up a communications network, WeChat group, such as easy communication in a timely manner to optimize the adjustment of the construction process." The person in charge of the project told reporters, in addition, the company signed the construction schedule of responsibility, increase the equipment and personnel, to seize the progress, promote the project "to ensure everything in good order and well arranged, this makes the project to be completed in advance of monomer acceptance." It is understood that the C land shantytowns Langqi Economic Zone (Minjiang garden) resettlement housing projects for 0.24 acres, a total construction area of 102 thousand and 500 square meters, 68 thousand square meters of residential area, building 11 Building 9 layer ~17 architecture, 636 sets of resettlement households. (Fuzhou News Network (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章: